Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top 14 New to Me Authors in 2014

I stink at making lists.  Especially when it comes to making choices about making "best of" or "top of" lists because I read...a lot...and I'm indecisive.  So much so, I'm just going to apologize for the hash I'm about to make of this. :)

I think I've read a fair good many debut and new to me authors, so I'm going to list them in no particular order.  And I'm going to cheat and try to break them down into genres.  I've read 500+ books this year and that's just not fair to make me choose 14.  Oh and thanks to Kimberley Faye Reads for setting all of this up! You can click on the author's name and be taken to their Goodreads page. Next to each author you can find the titles I've read by them and if there's a link, my review of them.  

Young Adult

1.Rosamund Hodge- Cruel Beauty

2. Elizabeth Eulberg- Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality & Better Off Friends 

3. Jenny Han-To All the Boys I've Loved Before

5. Kim Culbertson- Catch a Falling Star & Instructions For a Broken Heart

6. Kristi Cook- Magnolia 

9. Jenn Cooksey- Shark Bait

10. Lizzy Charles- Effortless With You

11. Dahlia Adler- Behind the Scenes

13. Robin Constantine- The Promise of Amazing

14. Ali Novak- My Life With the Walter Boys

New Adult

3. J.L. Spohr- Heirs & Spares  and God & King

5. Sarina Bowen- The Year We Fell Down

11. Julie Johnson- Like Gravity & Say the Word

Honorable Mentions: 

Contemporary Fiction
This list comprises contemporary romance and chick-lit.  So I should have 28 spots, but decided 18 would be enough. :D 

2. Amy Harmon- Making Faces

3. Dani Atkins- Fractured

4. Kat Latham- Knowing the Score, Playing It Close, Tempting the Player, Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

18. Jen Frederick- Losing Control & The Charlotte Chronicles 

So I obviously bungled that. Either way these authors have won my heart this year.  They've made me laugh, cry, and need to change my underwear sometimes too.  I've fallen in love with the characters I've met and loved being with them while they've grown, changed, traveled, loved, been lost, and experienced life.

I'm really looking forward to 2015. Not only for the new books by these authors that I'll read, but to see what new authors I'll be exposed to and love.

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