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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway for Love Me Later by Libby Rice

I'm always so excited to read books by debut authors and Libby Rice's book is one of the best I've read in a while.  Read on to find out more about why this book is so amazing!

Love Me Later Synopsis:
Scarlet Leore enjoys a glittering existence amongst society’s elite. Ethan Blake is a prizefighter knocking his way through school, counting on his winnings to bankroll the dreams that won’t fit in a boxing ring. When the two meet, neither can deny the instant attraction that wells between the hulking fighter and the heiress who is miles and millions out of his league. But a vicious attack leaves Scarlet physically and emotionally battered, and for Ethan, her allure crumbles along with the rest of his life after she accuses him of wielding the knife.
Years later, Scarlet has abandoned the high life for that of a hard-working lawyer, while Ethan has clawed his way to the pinnacle of a business empire. Drawn into his world of high-stakes tech mergers, they dance to a tune of revenge, desire, and finally, redemption. But their world won’t tolerate an attorney falling for her client. They’ll need more than lust and forgiveness. They must bridge the chasm of a tormented past to understand who they are today. Only then can they forge a future in the face of the resurging enemy who once tore them apart.

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★★★★★ stars

This debut book has knocked me off my feet.  I absolutely loved it!  Ethan and Scarlet are two amazing characters and I really enjoyed seeing them overcome everything in their paths and find love with each other.  Their journey was not smooth at all and was full of emotions they and I could barely keep contained.

The story is captivating.  I read it from start to end in one sitting and didn't pause once.  I skipped a meal because it meant I had to stop reading and I was firmly entrenched in Scarlet and Ethan trying to figure out who was playing whom, if at all. I must say I love second chance stories.  Especially when the the couple's first time around ended as brutally as Ethan and Scarlet's did.  I thought I was prepared because it seems like the blurb has given away everything, but like a really good blurb and story, it isn't.  I mean the story started quickly and retained that same high octane pace throughout.  

I got really frustrated with Ethan and Scarlet because I felt like they were making too many mistakes with each other.  First because of assumptions and regrets from the past and then wanting to "fix" things and then unable to go about it in a way that made their relationship work for both of them.  When the past reared its head, things didn't get any easier, but I liked seeing them work things out together.  The chemistry the two had together was explosive and of course it got me hot and bothered.  Especially that airplane scene and the last scene in the bathroom.  Libby Rice, I love the way you wrote them.  They were both so perfect for both Ethan and Scarlet and just what the story needed.

A really good sign you enjoyed the book is when you're left wanting more.  I got that sign early on in the book when Lissa, Scarlet's best friend was mention in the same sentence as Cole.  I'm very happy to know that they'll be getting a book in 2015.  My other sign was once the book ended, I wanted to know what happened with Ethan and Scarlet past the end.  Especially in regards to their futures.  I hope to see them in the next book and would definitely not be averse to a novella featuring them either.  Libby Rice has arrived in a big way.  I will eagerly be looking out for news from her regarding her upcoming works.  

* Thank you to author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

Libby Rice Bio:
Before becoming a writer, Libby was first a mechanical engineer in the data acquisition industry (voltmeter anyone?). Preferring writing to technical design, Libby headed to law school and eventually practiced patent law for several enterprising years (patent application covering a voltmeter anyone?). Finally realizing that technology just wasn’t her bag, she traded the voltmeters for alpha heroes and the women who love them.

Today, Libby writes contemporary romances from the foot of the Rocky Mountains, where she lives with her husband, a bona fide rocket scientist (he stuck with the voltmeters!). When not writing, Libby loves good food, even better wine, and traveling the world in search of the next great story.
Libby loves hearing from readers! Join the fun at, where you can sign up for Libby’s new-release e-newsletter, or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.


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