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Review: Roulette by Megan Mulry

23387426Rating: ★★★★ stars
Date published: December 2nd, 2014
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Synopsis: Miki Durand has always dodged the limelight. As the illegitimate daughter of a French movie star and a Russian billionaire, she craves a normal life—and it's almost within reach. She's up for a tenure-track position and has a perfect-on-paper boyfriend. What more could a woman want?

But when an unforeseen tragedy knocks her off cruise control, Miki finds herself leaving sunny LA for cosmopolitan St. Petersburg. With the fate of her father's international business in her hands, she comes face-to-face with the ultimate temptation: corporate rival Jérôme Michel de Villiers. He's everything she never thought she wanted, and their sizzling attraction soon sparks into an all-consuming flame.

Notoriously risk-averse, Miki knows it would be a gamble to fall for the sexy French playboy. But for the first time in her life, she's ready to take a chance and let the chips fall where they may.

What I Thought:

Miki Durand is happy with her life, or so she thinks.  After all she's up for tenure and her long term boyfriend might propose, bringing her one step closer to the settled life she wants. like her turbulent childhood and wild parents.  However there are little seeds of discontent and when things don't go as planned, Miki has a chance to change things.

I really liked Miki.  She's made a good life for herself and accepted the things she can't change. I love that she's intelligent even if she's trying too hard to fit into what she thinks she wants.  While I liked the fact she and Jérôme aka Rome had amazing chemistry, I didn't like the fact she was in a committed relationship when they first became intimate. Nor did I like it when Rome was intimate with Miki when for all purposes he was engaged. Otherwise, I really liked Rome too.  He's intelligent, driven, hard working, and generous to those he cares for.

The story is fast paced and there were moments when I  was emotional. There were moments that made me smile and some that made me laugh. There were moments when I was angry too. Basically there were lots of emotions and lots of drama! I really enjoyed seeing Miki find what really made her happy.  I loved getting to see so much of Europe.  I do hope Megan will write more about some of the characters I met, because I would love to read more about them!

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About the Author

Megan Mulry writes sexy, stylish, romantic fiction. Her first book, A Royal Pain, was an NPR Best Book of 2012 and USA Today bestseller. Before discovering her passion for romance novels, she worked in magazine publishing and finance. After many years in New York, Boston, London, and Chicago, she now lives with her family in Florida.

twitter username: meganmulry

* Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

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