Monday, December 15, 2014

Cover Reveal: Covered by Mina Holt

 This cover is smoking hot and I can't wait to read this book!

Title: Covered
Author: Mina Holt
Genre: Romance
Release Date: January 2nd

Sarai Britton has a nice life, a cozy life, nothing more adventurous than cuddling up with a good book and once of her eccentric Auntie G's many cats. She's spent three years of her life building one of the most popular book blogs and takes her work very seriously.

Gavin James is a football player from the UK turned international fashion model. He also happens to be on the cover of the hottest BDSM trilogy the world has seen. He's hot, tattooed, a bad boy with a reputation for breaking the hearts of the women he dates.

When Sarai literally falls for Gavin, her comfortable world is turned upside down. Thrust into the spotlight alongside the world's hottest man, will their burgeoning relationship have time to blossom before disaster tears it apart?

A little teaser from Gavin James...

"I want to promise that I’ll be a gentleman and I won’t try anything with you, but I’d be lying. And I’m not a liar, love, not to you. If I get you back to my place, I'll kiss you some more, and I will want to take your clothes off and kiss every part of you,” he broke off to kiss me some more in the moment, and continued to speak. “And if I kiss you all over, I know I’ll have to fuck you, and when I fuck you for the first time, I want it to be better than a drunk shag after a book signing.”

About the author

Mina Holt is an avid romance reader about to take the plunge and publish her first sweet, sexy novel. She loves kittens, hearts, flowers, and the occasional spanking. She lives in Seattle, but her heart belongs to the Rockies.

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