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Review: Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched

Rating: ★★★★★ stars
Date published: May 1st, 2014
Publisher: Gallery books
Synopsis: For the second time in just a few short months, Clementine Cooper’s professional reputation hinges on one restaurant review. Clementine’s No Crap CafĂ© is poised to score the Holy Grail of publicity—a mention in the New York Times Sunday travel section—if Clem’s veggietastic lasagna can bowl over the food critic.

Clem has no time for distractions. Or surprises. But when her meat-eating millionaire boyfriend Zach Jeffries shocks her with a sweet and romantic marriage proposal, of course she says yes! Now she has to plan the most important menu of her life while fending off her domineering future mother-in-law’s extravagant plans for the wedding.
As if there wasn’t enough on her plate, Clem decides to open a second restaurant on her parents’ farm—Clem’s No Crap Outpost— against Zach’s advice. Just when she needs his support the most, Zach grows distant. The only person who really seems to understand is Clem’s friend and biggest competition, the cute vegan chef Alexander Orr. Putting out fires in the kitchen is easy—but in her relationship? Suddenly, her time with Alexander feels . . . hotter . . . than usual, and Clem starts to wonder if the charming carnivore she’s engaged to is really the man she should spend her life with. 

What I Thought:

I read Skinny Bitch in Love the prequel, on a whim when it first came out.  I happened to see the book in my local bookstore, read the blurb, and bought it.  I ended up giving that book 5 stars. So when I saw there was going to be a sequel, I squealed and did a happy dance.  I was so happy to know I'd be seeing Clem, Zach, Alexander, and the rest of the gang again, all while wondering what was going to happen once I started reading.

With Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched, Kim Barnouin gave readers what we loved in regards to our favorite characters and food, and so much more.  There were new people we were introduced to.  I was skeptical about Zach's mom, his step-sister and their intentions, but they turned out to be alright.  I love how the story was a mix of old and new, but still really fresh.  

I thought I'd read a chapter before going to bed around midnight, but the book hooked me, and next thing I knew it was 3:30 in the morning and I was finishing the book.  I love that I got to spend time with Clem, Zach, Sara, Joe, and even Alexander.  I was shocked when I found out why Zach was not being himself.  I didn't see that coming at all!  It also threw me for a loop. How often do we tend to think people are the same way they were when we first met them?

I'm really hoping this isn't the end of the line for Zach and Clem.  I love reading about their escapades and the food always makes my mouth water.  I love laughing with them, experiencing their joys and sorrows, and just being in their world.  Kim Barnouin has written another great book.  She makes me want to become vegan, even though I'm still struggling to become completely vegetarian.

* A copy was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review.  All my opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any manner.  I also purchased my own copy in hardback.*

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About the Author
Before she was a Skinny Bitch, Kim Barnouin was a high school drop-out turned model who only crossed paths with a vegetable on her pizza. Today she is the co-author of The New York Times Bestseller Skinny Bitch with its sequels Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven, Skinny Bitch: Just Bitchin and a line of fitness DVDs.

Born in Rhode Island and raised in Maryland, Kim felt she wasn’t ready for college and dropped out in the 11th grade. Soon after, Kim received her GED, brushed community college and switched gears to modeling. At the age of 22, Kim moved to South Beach where the waves of Miami left Kim feeling seriously lost. She modeled, waited tables to make ends meet and considered herself more of a helpless beach bum.

Kim questioned her unhappy and unhealthy self during those years. What changes could she make to her lifestyle? Instead of turning to booze or something else less attractive, Kim explored food. By eating better, Kim started to physically and mentally feel better. A lightbulb went off in her head – food heals.

As a kid, Kim used to spit veggies into her napkin. As a young adult, she couldn’t get enough of earth’s treats. It was during this transition that Kim became obsessed with nutrition. She got her hands on every book and enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in Natural Health. She wouldn’t stop there. This retired beach bum went on to receive a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition and is currently working on her PhD. Learning about how food affects and heals many diseases and illnesses was something she wanted to share with everyone.

Eager to spread her word to the masses, Kim worked with longtime friend and vegan Rory Freedman to write a book. Neither thought Skinny Bitch would be become such a hit let alone a New York Times bestseller for two years straight.

Kim Barnouin lives in Los Angeles with her husband Stephane and two year old son Jack.

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