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Tijan Blog Hop: Tijan Franchise Part One

It's no secret I love Tijan and her books.  They're exciting, stimulating, hot, action packed, and just plain good stuff. It's also no secret Tijan loves her fans, so she came up with something just for us! I'm so EXCITED to share it with you and read it too! 



“Okay.” Samantha got out of the car and shut the door. “What are we doing here?” Turning
to survey the house, it was huge, but that didn’t impress her as much anymore. After living with Mason and Logan in their dad’s home, which was more of a mausoleum than a house, another mansion wasn’t a shock to the system. However, what had her confused were the two guards at the front door. They were giants. Big. Tall. Muscular. Both had their hands resting in front of them, but with their jackets pulled tight around them, there was something clipped on their sides.
They had guns.

When she realized that, her hand reached for the door once again, but Mason halted her, “It’ll be okay.”

“Guns, Mason.”

He came around the side of the car to her and grabbed her hand. “I know, but this is like a convention thing at the same time. I’ve heard about those guys. They’re just guards for that other storyline, Carter Reed, who seems like an okay guy.”

Logan laughed, coming to Sam’s other side. “That’s the killer right? For the mob?” He gave Mason a thumbs-up sign and smirked. “Yep. Any guy who has killed is an okay guy by me. Let’s eat.” Slapping Samantha on the shoulder, he started forward.

“He’s insane.”

Mason grinned down at her. “What? I thought he was awesome and no one could forget about it?”

Giving a slight laugh, Sam started forward. Her hand was clasped with Mason’s and they headed for the mansion. Logan was already at the door and they watched as he lifted his hand up as if waiting for a high five. The security guards didn’t react. They remained as stoic statues, but Logan wasn’t waiting for it. His hand went up and around, as he moved past them inside, his hand came back down and he smacked one guard on the ass.

The guard jerked forward, more from surprise than the force of that smack. Blinking rapidly, he started to turn towards where Logan went, but must’ve rethought it because he went back to his statuesque pose, facing forward and hands at the ready.

When Samantha and Mason started up the stairs, they saw the guard on the left was fighting back a grin while the guard whose ass had gotten hit was watching them with narrowed eyes. Mason held his hand up, saying, “I’m not my brother. He’s a different type of player.”
Sam stepped inside and pulled Mason the rest of the way. Both guards didn’t respond. After they closed the door, she said, “Explain it to me again. What is this again?”

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And that's the end of the part I get to share.  I'm so excited for this week.  Make sure you go to for the next part! It'll be live between 1 and 5 PM!  

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