Saturday, January 24, 2015

Promo: Love Reflection by Maria Macdonald

There's a new book coming soon by a new author that you might like.  I know I'm interested.  There's no cover yet, but there are some teasers for you to enjoy!

Love Reflection (Entwined Hearts #1)
by Maria Macdonald 

What happens when you find the love of your life, then you lose them?

Pearson Amberry lost the only man she’d ever loved. She has secrets she’s kept close for many years. Descending into a downward spiral that she couldn’t pull herself out of, her life was becoming just an existence. That was until a new man entered her life. A man with secrets of his own, and when the love of her life comes back unexpectedly, she knows it’s time to come clean.

Conner McKenna took a step back when he hurt Pearson, he left for another country when his work took him there, even though he didn’t want to. After years of trying to be her friend and wanting to be back in her bed, he decided enough was enough. When one of their friends is attacked, he realises that life is too short and he needs to move heaven and earth to try to win her back one more time. However, when he realises the truth, will he be able to deal with it, and will he still look at Pearson the same way.

What will happen when secrets are revealed, and emotions are running high? Can they move on from their past and can they recognise the love reflected in each other?

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