Friday, April 24, 2015

A Call to Arms: "4 Paws for Piper” Charity Book Auction starts tomorrow!

There's so much in this world that needs changing and I love helping to do my part whenever I can. I've register to bid on signed and unsigned books all to help raise the amount of money needed for service animals. Take a look at this letter from the organizers! 

Dear Reading and Blogging Community,
I am writing to you today to ask for your help and support informing and promoting the “4 Paws for Piper” Charity Book Auction. I have asked Autumn Hull at Wordsmith Publicity to connect me with you. We need your help to spread the word about the event out to the reading community, as the more money we raise, the more goodness we can do.

Piper Heath is an adorable three-year-old little girl who has Autism. Not only does she live in her non-verbal world, she also suffers from tonic clonic seizures (formerly known as grand-mal seizures) and when they hit, they cause her to stop breathing for the duration of the seizure. She is unable to verbalize when she feels out of sort before a seizure hits. This is where the “4 Paws for Ability” organization comes in. They train our furry canine friends to be the eyes, ears, and nose for those who are unable.

Unfortunately, training for service dogs is a lengthy and expensive proposition, but with your help, we hope to raise enough funds not only to get Piper her service dog, but to help a few other families get the assistance they so desperately need too. This event has taken on a life of its own and we are already making tremendous strides toward reaching financial goals. Just think how many other children we can help. 

So all I’m asking is that you help promote this event out to your followers. We have ALL of your favorite authors on board, and more keep coming in daily.

website has been created to manage the book auction:

You and your followers can go there now, register, browse the books and items up for auction, and see all of the authors who are participating.

A group page has been created on Facebook for readers to participate and share their comments:

Twitter account has been created, using also the hashtags #4PawsForPiper and #4PawsForPiperBookAuction   :

On Instagram:  4pawsforpiper

I have made graphics if you wish to share, including correctly sized page banners and Instagram picture posts, which are attached to this mail.

So please - HELP with a tweet, a post, an Instagram picture or repost…. whatever you can. I know together we can move mountains.

Please also rest assured that there is a solid team in place to properly handle all funds raised. Funds will go directly to the charity.

Any questions you have can be forwarded to the event email at:

On behalf of Piper Heath, the Heath Family, and the hundreds of authors, bloggers, and readers who have rallied together for this cause - THANK YOU.

Best Regards,
Tina Reber
Jessica Helm
Erica Heath

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