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Blog Tour: Author Interview and Review of Chasing the Stars by J.D. Rivera

I've never read a J.D. Rivera book before, but after reading Chasing the Stars, that's changed.  Read on to find out more about the book, the author, and lots more!


Mackenzie Blanchard’s life wasn’t easy; never had been, never would be. She thought things were looking up when she started yet another new school her senior year. She made friends and was enjoying life the best she could.
One friendship turned into something more, and just when she felt safe, things were ripped apart.
Hayes Morgan had never cared about anyone but himself. He was living the life he wanted, just having fun. He never dreamed that he would fall for the new girl in school.
What started out as a sweet friendship turned into something he never thought possible, until she vanished...
Their paths collide a year after they last saw each other, but they are both harboring secrets. Will they be able to trust and love each other again, or will the secrets rip them apart forever?

Author Interview:

What inspired this story?
It came from a dream. I woke up and I immediately started outlining.

How old were you when you wrote your first book?
I think I was 30. At least I was that age when I wrote the first book I'll admit to writing. :)

Did your story go as planned or did your characters take over?
Every book I've written the characters have taken over. I usually know how it will end but I have no clue what happens before that until I'm actually typing.

If you had to describe this book to someone in 140 characters or less, how would you do it?
Sweet, heartbreaking, and romantic? Maybe. I'm not really good at this. :)

Did you write your characters with anyone in mind?
I didn't really. I described them from my dream. Well, I take that back. I did describe a secondary character  to look like someone but I won't say who. I'll let the readers decide that.


★★★★ stars

I wasn't sure what to expect when I read the blurb on the back of the book, beyond knowing I wanted to read it.  I wasn't prepared for the emotional story I experienced.  Mackenzie Blanchard is just trying to make it through high school so she can get out of the life she's been living and make something of her self.  She's hoping her senior year will go by quickly.  Hayes Morgan has lived a pretty charmed life, but something about Mac calls to him and he finds himself changing the way he thinks about many things.

The story was really fast paced and I liked that.  I liked Mackenzie and empathized with her. I liked Hayes was trying to be better, but I did not like the way he treated the girls he slept with.  There really was no excuse for it.  It seemed like he wasn't really as upfront and honest about his intentions as he tried to be.  I really did not like Mac's parents.  Those two were something else.

There was quite a bit of drama going on in the book and I enjoyed most of it.  I couldn't put the book down and read it very quickly.  I am interested in seeing who Brad ends up with.  I'm hoping the series will continue and I'll be able to catch up with everyone and see how they're doing in the future.  

*Thank you to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in an 




J.D. Rivera lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading.

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