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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway for Losing the Ice by Jennifer Comeaux

The long awaited and anticipated book in Josh and Courtney's story is here! It was so worth the wait!  There's an amazing giveaway, so make sure you check it out! 

Series: Ice #2
Release date: February 23rd 2015
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Courtney and Josh are in love and excited to finally compete as skating partners. When they take the ice for their first competition, they want to show everyone, especially Josh's family, they are the perfect pair. 

But ice is slippery, and one misstep puts all their dreams in jeopardy. Now they must show each other both their love and their partnership are strong enough to survive.


★★★★ 1/2 stars 

I've been looking forward to reading this book for quite some time.  Josh and Courtney have had some struggles, both personal and professional, and I was hoping they'd have an easier time of it.  However, I should've known it wouldn't be so simple, but that they'd find a way to get through new challenges.

Somethings haven't changed.  I still detest Josh's parents. They still haven't cottoned onto the fact their son is happy doing what he does and that doesn't make him a lesser man. Even if they don't like Courtney that still don't have the politeness to be courteous to her. That makes my blood boil. Stephanie, Josh's sister was one of the biggest surprises in this book.  I didn't like her at all in Crossing the Ice, but I was surprised by my thaw towards her. I guess it took seeing that she loved her brother, and how much, for that to happen. 

I was really impressed with the way Courtney handled the situation with Josh.  Even though they're both competitive, Courtney really put Josh and his needs first.  It was all about being supportive and caring even when it wasn't wanted or appreciated.  I loved that.  It was really thoughtful and mature of her.  It also added another level of depth to the story.

This second part isn't very long, but it certainly didn't feel that way.  I finished the story feeling a sense of completeness.  I would love to read more about Courtney and Josh and their search for Olympic gold, but I'd also love for them to be happy for a little while before more challenges appear. Either way, I look forward to reading whatever Jennifer writes next. I know it'll be exciting, entertaining, gripping, and heartfelt.  

*Thank you to the publicist for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

About the Author
Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a die-hard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. 
One of her favorite pastimes is traveling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. Jennifer loves to hear from readers! 


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  1. Good review. Thanks for participating :)

  2. Thank you for the awesome review and for always being a part of my blog tours, Chanpreet!! :)

    1. You're very welcome! Thank you for writing awesome stories and having me on the tours! :)

  3. I read both book 1 and book 2 and I need book 3 to see how this all plays out! I really enjoyed these books. The romance between these two was too adorable in book one and pretty real in book 2.

    1. Hi Sam,

      This is book two in a spin off series from the series you're thinking of (Edge series). Both Emily and Sergei make appearances in this series, but they're older. This series is new adult and just as good as the original!

    2. Thank you so much for reading, Sam!! Book 3, Taking the Ice, will be out in early fall! :)

    3. I stand corrected! I had no idea there was going to be a book 3, but the news makes me very happy! :)

  4. I've looked at this series multiple times and debated picking it up. I'm so glad that you've really liked the series. Thanks for the review!

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings

    1. It's very clean for a new adult and it's quite good! I'd recommend picking up book one and seeing if you like it. :)

      Thanks for stopping by Tressa!



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