Monday, February 2, 2015

Cover Reveal: Finding Rapture by J.L. Sprague

The cover for this novel is interesting.  I know a lot of people will judge a cover, but for me, it's all about the blurb, and this one is interesting!


“He pulled me into the music. 
I pulled him into the downpour of rain that was me.” 

Georgia Rain learned early in life that happiness can be challenged and taken away. Tru was part of that happiness that was taken away. After thirteen years Georgia is determined to find her joy, her happiness, her rapture. 

Over the last thirteen years Tru Braden has done all he can to be part of Georgia’s life…without actually being part of it. Now the time is right to give himself to her, or so he thinks.  

He lives his life in the spotlight with his band, The Bitten. Everyone knows his every move.  
After crippling news, he’s not sure he can drag Georgia into a life where she will only be torn to shreds. 
He doesn’t want to drag anyone down with him. 

He doesn’t realize Georgia is determined to not only find her happiness but also his; even when faced with death. 

Their faith is challenged but together they try to find rapture. 

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