Friday, February 13, 2015

Title and Blurb Release: When I Lied by Michelle Kemper Brownlow

Announcing the title and release of the blurb for  
  • New YA/NA romance by Michelle Kemper Brownlow, author of the IN TOO DEEP series 
  • COMING MAY 2015 
Honor student, Kate Green, sees promise in an out-of-character dive into social media as an innocuous attempt to prepare for her freshman year at the University of Maryland. She quickly learns the ropes as alter ego “Lexi Cartwright” and enjoys all the flirting and drama the web has to offer. But when “Lexi” catches the attention of Oliver Walt, lead singer of the British Indie rock band Phobia5, Kate’s game gets kicked up a notch.  

An intense relationship blooms, and before she knows it, Kate has woven herself into Oliver’s life, but as “Lexi”…the biggest lie she’s ever told. And, as if that isn’t bad enough, an unexpected twist of events leaves Kate with no choice but to take that lie one step further. What started as a harmless social experiment soon has the potential to shatter the heart and soul of the man she’s falling for.  

The lie she’s living sits cold and heavy on Kate’s heart. She knows what she needs to do, it’s the “when” that she struggles with. Over and over again, her attempts at coming clean with Oliver are thwarted, and all the while, the lie continues to grow. But, how do you choose the best moment to break someone’s heart? 

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