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Review: Spotlight on Love by Kaira Rouda

25594564Rating: ★★★1/2 -★★★★ stars
Date published: May 20th, 2015
Publisher: Kindle Worlds
Synopsis: Since childhood, Olivia Larson has dreamed of becoming a top fashion model. Recruited by an elite New York agency, she’s about to board a private plane to fly to the Big Apple. As a promise to her dedicated mom, she’s focused on her career, and nothing else, but that determination is challenged when a sexy and secretive celebrity arrives for the same flight. 

Bad boy pop star Reed Ralston has been famous since he was a tween, pushed into the spotlight by an overbearing stage mom and appearing on a popular kids’ TV show as a singer/ songwriter. Against the odds, and with dark secrets from a troubled childhood hidden from the press, Reed has transitioned into a successful adult star with a carefully manufactured image designed to keep him on top of the charts and in the pop-culture media. 

Sometimes opposites attract immediately, as Reed and Olivia discover during their spark-filled, hour-long flight to New York. But what happens when that attraction is exposed to the harsh spotlight of fame will make all the difference.

What I Thought:

I haven't read any stories set in the Kindle Worlds or anything by Kaira Rouda before, so I was trying two new things with this one story.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Spotlight on Love wasn't very long and I read it very quickly.  I have to say I enjoyed the first half more than the second. It made rating this book difficult. I'll explain more shortly. 

Both Olivia and Reed were wonderful people.  I loved how sweet they seemed.  Olivia had this innocent air around her. Reed might be this well known celebrity, but he was really down to earth.  I loved their initial interactions with each other. There was such a wonderment in how the presence of each other made them feel. As someone who really dislikes insta-love, I didn't get that feeling from them. Being in both their heads didn't stop my love fest with them and the story.  It held a certain touch of lightness and seriousness when it came to their careers. 

The second half of the book seemed almost completely different than the first half. It wasn't bad necessarily, but it was surprising to see Olivia and Reed behaving in a manner that seemed to contradict what I knew about them. That threw me a little and I had to adjust my mind frame from sweet and innocent to hot and sexy. I ended the story feeling satisfied but a little bewildered.  It seemed like a lot was packed into a small amount of time and that might/might not be suitable for two young people like Olivia and Reed. The pages flew and I was finished before I knew it.  I've heard a lot of good things about Kaira's books and I'm glad I got to experience her great writing first hand. I'm definitely going to have to check out her full length novels.

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