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Blog Tour: Reviews for The Decoy Series by K.T. Fisher

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Looking for a rock star romance series to read? The Decoy series by KT Fisher is a great one to pick up!

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Rockstar Romance

The Books

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Rockstar Daddy (#1) 
Kendal Moore and Jax Parker met when they were eighteen. Two years later, they're together and are very much in love. At the age of twenty Kendal finds out she's pregnant, she knows she has to make the right choice.

Her Boyfriend, Jax is in an up and coming rock band called Decoy. Kendal knows that if she keeps the baby Jax will do right by her and support her all the way. But does she really want him to do that? She loves Jax too much to let him give up on his band and their dream to stardom.

So Kenal makes the hard choice to leave Jax and keeping the baby a secret.

Rockstar Daddy takes place four years after Kendal left Jax. Kendal is a hard working mum to three and a half year old Finley and Jax is a huge rockstar. Read Rockstar Daddy to follow Kendal and Jax's journey. Will Jax and Kendal meet again and will Jax find out he has a son?


★★★1/2 stars

I'd never read anything by K.T. Fisher before I picked up Rockstar Daddy. I read the blurb of the book and decided I was in the mood for a rockstar romance, second chance romance, and secret baby kind of book. I like all of those themes and I wondered how it was all going to play out.

While the story itself is not new, I liked how the book was set up. The book is told from both Kendal and Jax's point of views. I really liked how the story didn't just focus on Kendal and Jax together as a couple, but it also showed them when they were apart and before their reunion. I liked both Kendal and Jax. Even though I didn't agree with Kendal's rationale for her decision it was easy to see that it wasn't done out of malice. I've got to say my favorite character in this story was Finley. He was just adorable. 

Jax and Kendal had chemistry and the love was still there. I enjoyed seeing them figure things out. I also liked meeting their separate and mutual friends. The book ended on sort of a cliffhanger, nothing serious, but I was interested in seeing where the story went from that point. I laughed while reading this book and there were a few tears, but it was a quick enjoyable read.

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Rockstar’s Girl (#2)

After finding each other after four years, Jax has found out the truth that he's Finley's dad. Even though Jax is angry with Kendal for keeping him away from his son, he still wants Kendal back. In Jax's eyes Kendal has always been his. He will have her back, even if that means having a fight in the middle of a club.

Kendal knows she loves Jax but she doesn't know if she should tell him or not. She doesn't want Finley confused. Jax knows that Kendal loves him and after telling her, he thought Kendal would confess too. Jax knows just the way to get her to admit to her true feelings. Surely getting Kendal hot and sweaty and on the verse of an orgasm will do the trick.

Join Kendal and Jax to see if they can finally be together again. Amongst the paparazzi, concerts and annoying ex partner can they find their happiness? Read Rockstar's Girl to find out.

If you haven't read Rockstar's Daddy you will need to, before you read Rockstar's Girl.


★★★1/2 stars

This book picked up right where Rockstar Daddy left off. The book wrapped up Kendal and Jax's story neatly. Kendal and Jax still loved each other after four years, but they were afraid to declare it to each other. I didn't understand why Kendal's fear had to do with Finley, because he wanted his parents together the most. Plus he and his father really got along well. I do appreciate the fact Kendal took things slowly, because she made sure it was what was right for her and Finley. Finley once again stole the show. 

I've got to admit I read this book fairly quickly. K.T. Fisher writes in a way that allows the story to flow fast and so the book was over before I knew it. I was really intrigued by what was happening between Leo and Tanya and I do hope they get their own book.

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Rockstar’s Angel (#3)

Since the day Tanya and Leo met they have held an intense attraction for each other. After a hot and passionate night together Tanya is scared that her feelings for Leo are changing from lust and into something more. She doesn't want to fall in love with the playboy drummer, that's just begging for her to get hurt.

Leo loves Tanya's no nonsense attitude, she's different to all the other girls that surround him and he wants her. After their explosive nights together he knows it goes deeper than just sex but Tanya wants to keep quiet about them from their friends and that secretly pisses him of.

Tanya leaves Leo's after an argument and they don't see each other for four years. That time apart has left Tanya feeling more and more angry with Leo and Leo craving beautiful and sexy blonde women. They just don't compare to his beautiful angel and he wants her again, Tanya just won't give him a chance to explain.


★★★1/2 stars

Leo and Tanya's story was a fast read for me. I enjoyed getting into their heads and finding out what was causing them from getting together when it was so obvious that's all they wanted. The story is hot and angsty. There were moments when I had tears in my eyes. 

Leo and Tanya had wonderful chemistry. I liked how Leo never gave up on Tanya. He was persistent in trying to talk to her and figure out why she wasn't willing to give them a chance. I also enjoyed seeing Leo change from his man whore ways to someone who didn't need a different woman or two every night.

K.T. Fisher really brought the heat and emotions with this story. I also liked seeing Finley, Kendal, Jax, and their expanded family, as well as their other friends. It was like hanging out with the gang again.

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Rockstar’s Temptation (#4)

This story is a complicated one. Maisy and Max have been really close for a while now. They clicked straight away and a beautiful friendship blossomed. But is just an innocent friendship? When Maisy’s sexy and troublesome younger sister, Lauren comes to town, she begins to stir everything up. Max’s eyes wonder and Maisy, for some reason doesn’t like it. She tells herself that it’s because she doesn’t want her sister hurt by his playboy ways, but is that true? Join Max and Maisy on their confusing journey full of heartbreak and turmoil. Where their friendship is stretched to the limits with lust and betrayal. Amongst tragedy and danger, can your heart can lead you in the right direction?


★★★1/2 stars

I never thought Maisy and Max were going to get together, even though I wanted them to. I always thought they'd just be friends, but I was wrong. They were very good friends at one time and with their closest friends coupled up to each other, they found themselves spending a lot of time together. 

I do have to say Max, a former renown man whore, did some things when Maisy began to take up residence in his head that had me disgusted and bewildered. That's right, bewildered because I didn't understand how he could be liking/falling for someone and doing what he was doing. Luckily he realized the same thing and got his act together. 

I loved seeing everyone from past books and their families. If it's one thing I loved about all of the books in this series, it was how important and close everyone was to one another. They truly supported each other to the fullest. I must say I wouldn't mind reading about Finley and some of the other kids as grown ups.

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"Is it time?"

I look to my best friend Jessica, who's sitting on the edge of my bed. She checks her phone and nods her head slowly. I walk towards my little bathroom where I left the pregnancy test sitting on the edge of the bath. I couldn't sit in the same room with it. It felt like it was screaming at me and demanding attention. I feel sick to my stomach I'm that nervous. I can't believe I am having to do this! I'm twenty years old, I'm too young to be a mum. On the plus side, I knew who the father of my baby. I suppose that's good news. It doesn't make me feel any better though.

I have been with my boyfriend, Jax for two years. He is amazing. He's six feet tall, has big, broad shoulders, messy jet black hair, and smoky gray eyes that could heat my body with a certain look. He screams sex appeal with that sexy V right below his toned and well-muscled stomach. I get horny just looking at him. That's probably why I'm in this mess to begin with - because we have so much fun enjoying each other's bodies. No matter how often we did it, we could not seem to satisfy that need for each other. The only problem is that other girls also get flushed when they are around Jax. They throw themselves at him even when we’re together, which pisses me off but it's all part of the deal because he's the lead singer of a rock band called Decoy.

The band is becoming really popular, and that means more attention from the girls. When he’s on that stage, they all scream for him. He assures me that he loves me and he doesn't want any other girl. I believe and trust him with all my heart, but this is just the beginning. Since the band is composed of four good-looking men, they have a lot of groupies. His band mates Rhys, Leo, and Max take advantage of all the beautiful girls who follow them around. I feel like I'm keeping Jax back. It's not that I hate what Jax does. I just did’t want to keep him from living his dreams, and having a girlfriend while being on the fast track to becoming a famous rock star can keep you from a lot of things. I love him so much and I feel like I'm keeping him back. Crazy, right? What kind of girl wants to dump her sexy rocker boyfriend, so that he can tour with his band and enjoy the rocker lifestyle and the girls that come with it? Oh yeah. That's me.

My friends Sam, Mark, and James act like my big overprotective brothers. The fact that my boyfriend is in a rock band doesn't go over well with them. Sam is the most pissed of the three because I take his girlfriend, and my best friend Jessica to Decoy's gigs with me. I assure them that we are perfectly safe because the guys in the band look after us. I think that is one of the reasons why Sam does not like Jessica being there. All the guys in the band are seriously good looking. Obviously, I think Jax is the hottest but the other guys get just as much attention. Max, Leo, and Rhys can be very flirtatious. They keep it to a minimum with me because I'm Jax’s girl, but since they’re not truly friends with Sam, they don't hold back where Jessica is concerned. Lately, I’ve started to bring along Tanya, a girl I met at college. She's pretty cool and loves their music, plus she's single so there’s no jealous boyfriend on my case.

I reach for the pregnancy test and take a quick glance. My heart sinks and my whole world stops. Two lines, that means it’s positive! Shit, I cannot be pregnant. I was sure we were safe all the time. I mean, I forgot my pill a couple of times but then I made sure Jax wrapped up or did the naughty pull out trick. I suppose that was dumb of us and did not actually work, because why else would I be standing here staring at two lines?

I walk out of the bathroom and as soon as I lock eyes with my best friend of ten years, I break down. She comes running over to me and I cry in her arms for what feels like hours. She smooths my bright red hair out of my face and looks me right in the eyes.

"What are you gonna do Kendal?"

I know I cannot have an abortion. That is just not me, I could never do that. My parents are going to kill me! Oh no, I'm going to trap Jax. I still have to finish college.

"I'm keeping the baby, but I don't know what I'm going to do about Jax."

Jess scrunches up her nose in confusion.

"Jax? What do you mean? He's the baby's dad."

"I cannot do this to him, Jess. He has his band to think about. I've nearly finished college, so I can get a job. I can support the baby on my own."

"Kendal, you cannot do that. He has to know you’re pregnant. It is his baby too, so it's his responsibility as well. He will help you through all of this. It is not just your fault, you both did this. Let him help you."

I shake my head no. I know he will stand by me, which is why I cannot tell him. He will hate me for taking away his dream. I do not want to trap him and make him get a job he hates just to provide for me and our baby. I can do this, Jax does not need to know.

"I can do it on my own. I will get my own place so I'm not under my parents’ feet. I can't do this to him, Jess. I love him too much. I cannot take away his dream."

Jessica lowers her head and sighs deeply.

"I think it is a very bad idea but it's not my choice to make. I will stand by you whatever you decide."

We hug and I cry some more. I have to end this with Jax tonight before I change my mind. Funny how just moments ago, I felt like my world was falling apart. Now I know exactly what I'm going to do.

About KT Fisher

K.T Fisher is a British romance author.
She mostly writes about hot, delicious men in her books. They include bikers to rock stars! K.T Fisher's books are packed with hot suspense and thrilling dangers, add her signature erotic scenes and you have a steaming romance that you have to read.

If K.T Fisher isn't writing, she has her head buried in a book. She loves to hear from you, so feel free to contact her.

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