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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway for Priya in Heels by Ayesha Patel

I'm always worried  about if a book will treat another culture well when I read a story that features a different culture.  Ayesha Patel being Indian and Gujrati did a great job at doing justice to the cultural aspects.

Title: Priya in Heels
Author: Ayesha Patel
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Multi-cultural
Publication: August 28th, 2014

A new adult title from Entangled’s Embrace imprint…

Love doesn’t conquer all…does it?

Priyanka Patel is the epitome of an obedient daughter. She’s finishing up her medical residency at one of Houston’s busiest emergency departments, and has agreed—albeit reluctantly—to marry the man her family has chosen for her. The only thing that can derail the “perfect” life laid out before her is the sexy musician down the hall who wants into her life…and into her bed.

Tyler O’Connor has been infatuated with Priya since she treated his sprained ankle in the ER, and after saving her from a brutal attack, he can't get her out of his head. When Priya puts her family's wishes before their relationship, agreeing to an arranged marriage with another man, Tyler is devastated.

But love is fierce and unreasonable and clashes with the carefully sculpted life her parents want for her. Is going after her heart such a big deal, or will it truly unravel Priya’s world?

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"Priya in Heels is an exquisite mix of culture, romance, and humor all brought together by two characters you can't help but love from the get-go. It's a must read!" ~NYT Bestselling Author Anna Banks

"Sweet and sexy with a dash of spice." ~USA Today Bestselling Author Nicola Marsh

"Chemistry jumps off the pages in this sexy-fun tale of family, “firsts," and doing anything for true love. I swooned over Ty right along with Pree!" ~USA Today Bestselling Author Ophelia London

A moving story about a girl at a crossroads between her Indian culture and what's expected of her, and the American boy who's stolen her heart.” ~USA Today Bestselling Author Cindi Madsen

"A thoroughly entertaining romance that deftly captures the enduring conflict between conservative Indian traditions and contemporary American culture." ~Shobhan Bantwal, Award-Winning Author of the Dowry Brid


★★★1/2 stars

I loved the way the book started off.  I especially liked the way Priya and Tyler met.  It was totally a meet-cute like you'd see in the movies.  Priya an Tyler had great chemistry from the get go and I loved seeing the two interact together, however that didn't carry through out the entire book.

Priya was kind and caring.  I understood her dilemma in handling her attraction to Tyler and struggling with her desire to make her parents happy.  I'm glad she followed her heart and did what she thought was best for her.  I really liked Tyler. He too was kind and caring, but he was also smart and willing to go after what he wanted.

Here's where things get a little tricky for me.  I liked the chemistry Tyler and Priya had, but they went from being friends and attracted to each other to becoming intimate.  That's not a bad thing, but one moment Priya was like, "I'm a virgin  because it's expected of me" and literally in the next she was like, "I want you now," right after she got upset with her friend for getting intimate with her boyfriend of three months.  It seemed at odds with her persona.  I wish there's been more of a build up to that moment or maybe getting into Priya's head so I could understand how, why, or what made her thought process change so drastically.  

Culturally, Ayesha did a great job at showing how a lot of the older generations think and act.  The gossiping aunties and judgmental people can be found in any culture, but here I really disliked how Priya's aunts treated her mother.  I liked how Ayesha showed not only the traditional, but also how newer generations are via Priya's friends.  I also liked how Ayesha showed how Priya struggled with her choices, something anyone who is a second generation American does, but also did it fairly without showing preference to one way or another.  There's also a glossary at the end of the book translating all the Gujrati terms into English.  That was really helpful.  Overall, the story was enjoyable and I look forward to reading more by Ayesha.

*Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

Ayesha Patel was born in the rich and colorful state of Gujarat in western India before moving to Texas. She quickly found her footing in languages and creative writing and weaves her diverse background into her stories. She currently lives in the beautiful, though rainy, state of Washington with her husband. With a splendid view of Mt. Ranier behind her, a cup of coffee in her hand, and a ridiculously fast laptop at her fingertips, Ayesha is thrilled to explore the literary world. 

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