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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway for The One Thing by Briana Gaitan

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I met Ginger in The Last Thing and really liked her, so I was really looking forward to her book, and I wasn't disappointed!

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Title:  The One Thing

Series: Hollywood Timelines Book Two

Author:  Briana Gaitan

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Release Day:  January 16th 2015

When everything falls apart, he's the one thing that holds me together.

Ginger Teague may seem like your typical Hollywood actress with the famous boyfriend, designer clothes, money, and hit TV show, but constantly being in the public eye has its downside.
People seem more interested in her chaotic relationship with her on again/ off again boyfriend than her acting career,and Ginger isn't dealing with her new found fame in a way she always envisioned. She masks her unhappiness with too many parties and an unhealthy habit of binge drinking. As much as she wants love, men find her as a pretty amusement, not the type of girl you take home to mom and dad.
When she meets Caspian Norwood, they quickly begin a regimen of flirty emails.
He's a struggling musician that doesn't quite fit her idea of the perfect boyfriend.
He's older, mysterious, cultured, knows exactly what to say and do in all the right situations, and Ginger can't help falling for him. But the world is against them, pushing them apart, and it's beginning to feel as if they're only meant to be friends.
The One Thing is a standalone novel and book two in the Hollywood Timelines series. You met Ginger in The Last Thing, now hear her love story.

(Intended for ages 18 and up)
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★★★★ stars

Ginger left a lasting impression on me in The Last Thing. I was curious as to how she was going to escape the clutches of her ex. I also wondered about who would capture her attention and make her see her inside was as beautiful as her outside. That last statement is significant because I never thought I'd say that. 

I started reading this book with so many expectations and yet what I read was much better and different than anything I expected. I was surprised by Caspian and Ginger's relationship. It was slow and beautiful, each of them trying to give to the other without losing bits and pieces of them self. I loved being able to see their texts and emails as they communicated with each other over time. I did get a little frustrated with them at times for their stubbornness in not moving things along and the reasons why they were doing so.

I think I was most surprised by Ginger's past and what she wanted. I never expected her to be so vulnerable to the statements and digs at her. I always thought she was tough and didn't care, but it turns out appearances are deceiving. It was good to see her with Quinn and Chase, and to see how they were doing as well. I do hope this series continues. I'm really impressed with how Briana Gaitan handled this book and I'd like to see how Ginger and Caspian are doing in the future.

*Thank you to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

About the Author
Briana Gaitan grew up in the South, but calls herself a geek at heart. She is a blogger,author,and fangirl who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and Jewelry (bet you never thought you'd hear those three things in a sentence together) For fun, she loves watching any show on the SyFy channel, relaxing with her family, reading, and listening to indie music (sometimes all at the same time). Briana loves to write stories where there are no limits to the imagination. She is also the co-author of the fantasy Ethereal Underground series.

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