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Blog Tour: Excerpt, Review, and Giveaway of Aim For Love by Pamela Aares

I am so happy to be able to share with you not only an excerpt and my review, but a very nice giveaway as well!  Please read on to find out more!

Tour: Aim for Love by Pamela Aares
Publication Date: September 10, 2014 

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In AIM FOR LOVE, author Pamela Aares continues The Tavonesi Series. Get ready for All-Star alpha males and the strong women they come to love! When love’s the game, you can’t play it safe... A role in an indie movie has turned heiress Sabrina Tavonesi into an overnight Hollywood sensation. She should be thrilled, but the troubled woman she played in the film has come alive in her dreams, turning Sabrina's life into a nightmare. Assaulted and injured at the film's premiere, she has only has three weeks to rehab her shoulder – and overcome her secret nightmares – before shooting the sequel. When her All-Star brother insists that his teammate, pitching phenom Kaz Tokugawa, can get her ready in time, Sabrina is desperate enough to try anything...even some mysterious samurai practice. As the handsome young pitcher charms Sabrina with his amazing skills, he heals more than her shoulder--he begins to make her believe in love. Kaz can't afford any distractions. He's fighting to save his family's failing peach farm and secure a contract with the Major League team of his dreams. Falling for his teammate's sister isn’t part of his plan. But even his focused samurai training can't keep the troubled beauty from stealing into his heart. When Kaz is accused of murdering a drug lord threatening his family, Sabrina is his only alibi...or is she? Can they learn to trust one another before their secrets destroy their lives as well as their love?

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Kaz put his hands on her shoulders. Sabrina shut her eyes and hoped he 
didn’t feel the zing of adrenaline that shot through her when his fingers touched her 
skin. And was grateful that he couldn’t see the blush of embarrassment that flushed 
her cheeks. Goose bumps lifted along her arms as something more, some feeling she 
had no word for, rushed into her.
“Are you cold, Sabrina?”
“No,” was all she could utter.
She really was losing her mind. The guy hadn’t had his hands on her for 
more than thirty seconds and already he’d shocked feelings through her that made 
no sense. She’d been touched by muscled, athletic stuntmen during film shoots, by 
lovers over the years, by Derrick—who’d be her lover if she let him—but no man’s 
touch had created such a deep, immediate and mysterious effect.
He ran his fingertips along her shoulders. She tried to suppress the rising 
“Your back, your spine, your glutes, those are your power sources.” He 
pressed along her muscles, his fingers streaming unsettling energy as he moved 
closer to the nape of her neck. “Along with your core. But we’ll address your 
abdominal muscles when we go back inside.”
The image of him observing her belly sent another shock of heat into her 
core. And lower. That sensation she did have words for—desire, hot and insistent. 
She wondered if he knew.
 He pressed under the blade of her injured shoulder and the pain made her 
wince, had her tensing, guarding. 
“See if you can breathe into this, Sabrina. I promise not to hurt you.”
She inhaled as he pressed his fingers gently into the knotted muscles under 
her shoulder blade. Then he pressed on both sides of her shoulders at a point where 
the sensation was nearly unbearable, even though his touch was light. The near-
painful feeling kept her mind off the twinge of hot wanting she was trying to ignore. 
Maybe it’d just been too long since she’d had a lover. Maybe she should share 
Derrick’s bed. But something had kept her from crossing that line with him. He 
might be her co-star, mentor of sorts, and friend, but she wasn’t as ready as he was 
to add lover to the list.
Kaz traced his fingers down her arms, stroked along her forearms to her fingertips. 
She shivered with a mixture of pleasure and wariness. Mostly wariness.


 ★★★★ 1/2 stars

I'm a little shocked this is my first novel by Pamela Aares.  She and her books have been on my radar for a while and I'm very glad I finally got a chance to read one.  While I was expecting a good book, I wasn't expecting it to be as powerful as it was.  I love it when a book surprises me and exceeds all my expectations.  

Aim For Love is the first novel I've ever read that's featured such intricate detail about Samurai's and their culture.  I was fascinated by it all and I found it surprising at how much of a mental as well as physical art it was.  I must say Pamela Aares did a fantastic job with her background research.  

I also enjoyed how there were multiple story arcs that were very well layered.  Sabrina had her own conflicts and so did Kaz.  There was overlap, but I never knew which direction the story was going to go in.  I also liked how family played a big role in this book.  I loved Kaz's Obaa.  She was wise, loving, kind, and hilarious.  I want to be like her when I'm her age.  

I read this book fairly quickly.  There were no lull in the action.  I was reading as fast I could turn the pages.  I would love to visit a peach farm like Kaz's or a winery like the one Sabrina's family had. The descriptions were so vivid, I wanted to be walking by the lake or up and down the rows with them.  Pamela has done a great job with this book and I am really looking forward to reading more of the books in this series.  

* A copy was provided by the author in exchange for a honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

About Pamela Aares

pamelaaares_320x320Pamela Aares is an award-winning, internationally bestselling author of contemporary and historical romance novels and also writes about fictional romance in sports with her new Tavonesi Series. Get ready for Alpha male All-Stars and the strong women they come to love!
Her popularity as a romance writer continues to grow with each new book release, so much so, that the Bay area author has drawn comparisons by readers and reviewers to Nora Roberts.
Pamela Aares writes romance books that she loves reading, particularly those that entertain, transport and inspire dreams while captivating and tugging at the heart. She takes her readers on a journey with complex characters in both contemporary and historical settings who are thrown in situations that tempt love, adventure and self-discovery.
Before becoming a romance author, Aares wrote and produced award-winning films including Your Water, Your Life, featuring actress Susan Sarandon and NPR series New Voices, The Powers of the Universe and The Earth’s Imagination. She holds a Master’s degree from Harvard and currently resides in the wine country of Northern California with her husband, a former MLB All-Star and two curious cats.
If not behind her computer, you can probably find her reading a romance novel, hiking the beach or savoring life with friends. You can visit Pamela on the web at http://www.PamelaAares.com

Also in the Series

While each book in the Tavonesi Series can be read as a standalone, you may enjoy the other book in the series! The first five books are available and include: Love Bats Last (#1), Thrown by Love (#2), Fielder’s Choice (#3), Love on the Line (#4) and this book, Aim for Love (#5).

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