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Review: The Yarn Spinner by Deborah Smith

Rating: ★★★★★ stars
Date published: January 14th, 2014
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Synopsis: A Crossroads Café Short Story 27 pages long
She's destined to love Gus MacBride--if she survives her first year in the Crossroads Cove.
A thread of hope is all she needs.
Damaged, confused, alone. Cathy Deen Mitternich recognizes her old self in the fragile survivor huddled in the sheep barn's storage room at Rainbow Goddess Farm. Former art teacher Lucy Parmenter may be beyond even the tough-love magic of the farm, a live-in counseling center for abused women. Afraid to set a foot outside, drugged on medication, and filled with despair, Lucy needs the big biscuit magic of the Crossroad Café's Delta Whittlespoon. Together, Cathy and Delta search for a lifeline that represents Lucy's best hope of holding on. 
Their search ends in Lucy's new home at the barn. When Lucy discovers the magic there, neither she nor Cathy will ever be the same. 

Deborah Smith is the author of The Crossroads Café, chosen as a Top Five Romance of 2006 by Library Journal, a Number One bestseller at Kindle, and a bestseller at the Wall Street Journal. Her bestselling Crossroad Café Novellas include The Biscuit Witch and The Pickle Queen. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of A Place To Call Home.

What I Thought:

How is it possible a short story of only 27 pages can reach into my soul and touch me so deeply?  Knowing this was written by Deborah Smith, I shouldn't have expected any less.  Of course the way she writes is the reason why she's one of my all time favorite authors.  If she's published I own it.  Of course most of my collection is in paperback since she first started writing long before e-books existed.  And yes, I own all of her Loveswept titles too; both those published under her name and those under a pseudonym.  

My heart hurt for Lucy.  She was the last person who deserved anything bad happen to her. I wanted to reach into the pages of the story and wrap my self around her like the wool she created.  I wanted to protect her from the ugliness she'd seen and experienced.  And I cried as the love and magic in Cathy and Delta's biscuits brought her back.  

There are a lot of lessons to be taken from this story, but the one that's my favorite is power of love.  Even though Gus and Lucy are far apart, their story is going to be something glorious to read.  Ms. Smith if you happen to see this, I'm going to beg you to please write their story.  I need for ALL the MacBrides to come home and for Lucy to find her way all the way back.  I need your brand of magic, Delta's biscuits, Gabby's pickles, and Lucy's wool to make Crossroads come alive again.  And I hope to one day meet the woman who is such a fantastic story teller.

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About the Author
Bestselling Author
Co-founder, co-publisher
Vice-president, Editor in Chief
BelleBooks, Memphis, TN 

Deborah Smith is the author of 35 novels in romance and women’s fiction, including the New York Times bestseller, A PLACE TO CALL HOME, and the Number 1 Kindle bestseller, THE CROSSROADS CAFÉ.    RT Magazine named A PLACE TO CALL HOME one of the Top 200 Romances of the 20th Century. In 2006, Library Journal  named THE CROSSROADS CAFÉ one of the top romances of the year. Since 2000, Deborah has been a partner in BelleBooks, a small publishing house that now includes the imprints Bell Bridge Books and Imajinn Books. As a writer, Deborah is currently working on novellas and short stories spun off from THE CROSSROADS CAFÉ. The newest story is THE  YARN SPINNER, January 2014. She lives in the mountains of north Georgia with her husband, six cats and two dogs; all rescues. (Not her husband.) 

Deborah's newest books are the Crossroads Cafe novellas: THE BISCUIT WITCH, THE PICKLE QUEEN, THE YARN SPINNER, and THE KITCHEN CHARMER (2014). She released a mini-short story, SAVING JONQUILS, in March 2014. A sexy romantic novella, A HARD MAN TO FIND, is scheduled for later in the month.

* A copy was provided by the publisher via Netgalley.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

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