Friday, April 25, 2014

Cover Re-Reveal and Giveaway: Holy Frigging Matrimony by Emma Chase

There's a brand new cover for Holy Frigging Matrimony!  This is book 1.5 in the Tangled series and it's quite hilarious!  I'm constantly amazed at how creative the art departments of publishing houses are.  As much as I loved the old cover, I think this one certainly fits in better with the covers of the series so far, what do you think?  Let me know below!  We are also lucky enough to giveaway an e-copy to one lucky reader!


What does Drew Evans have to say next? Find out in this forty page short story, filled with his sexy charm, unique advice and hilarious one-liners. 

Marriage: the final frontier. Steven went first. He was kind of our test subject. Like those monkeys that NASA sent off into space in the fifties, all the while knowing they’d never make it back. 

And now another poor rocket is ready to launch. 

But this isn’t just any posh New York wedding. You’ve seen my friends, you’ve met our families, you know you're in for a treat. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. This one’s going to be un-frigging-forgettable. 

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  1. I like this one better coz this looks more 'clean shaven' (?)... And with the cover, one will immediately know it's genre...

    Thank you for the chance!!!

    1. You're welcome Denice! I'm for once glad to be returning the favor! :) Good luck!

  2. I too love this cover! I agree that it depicts the genre well and will definitely be a lure for romance enthusiasts.

    1. Especially for anyone who discovers how hilarous Tangled is! :)

  3. I like them both. He still have his hand on her a$$. Thanks for the giveaway.



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