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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway for The Blood Scion (The Scion Legacy #1) by Nazarea Andrews

The first full length book in The Scion Legacy is here and it's so good! Read on for more of my thoughts about the book and then enter the giveaway!


I was just a reporter, trying to stay ahead of my student loans. I knew the rules, and I followed them.
I thought I knew how the world worked—humans lived their petty little lives in the safety of the sun. We loved and fought and—when the sun sank—we scurried behind our walls and lived in fear. That is when the monsters came out to play. 
And even in the safety of the sun, we knew who ruled us. 
The Houses. And their Scions. 
Everyone knows the great Houses and their Scions—they are feared and loved and hated and envied. They are the gods who walk the shadows and rule all of our lives. They are salvation and death. 
And somehow, I am one of them.


★★★★ 3/4 stars

The Blood Scion is the first full length book in this a series by Nazarea Andrews and it picks up where the prequel left off. It's a fast read, coming in at just under 200 pages, but it's action packed and full of twists and surprises. I found myself fascinated by the story and eager for more when it was finished.

The biggest surprise was Farley. She's human and really does not like vampires. She's a reporter and loves her job and when she's asked to attend a meeting an unlikely place, her instincts tell her something is going on. She has no idea her entire life is about to change. I really liked Farley. She never backs down even when terrified of the outcome, has a strong sense of right and wrong, and loves her family and friends fiercely. She's adventurous and wise, even when she's put into extreme situations. 

I loved seeing Farley with her brother. Those two had a very strong bond and I admired what they were willing to do for each other. I also liked seeing the sparks between Farley and Octavius, the assassin. I loved being in both their heads. I also enjoyed the sparring between brothers, Octavius and Sulla as well their sparring with Patroclus, the head of the House. I also really liked Octavius. It's clear he follows orders, even if he doesn't agree with them. He's makes honorable, making fair decisions and is also protective of Farley. 

Nazarea has done a wonderful job at furthering the story while maintaining the intensity. There was never a dull moment in this book. She also did a very good job at explaining how this new world worked. I loved the glossary at the beginning of the book explaining all of the terms. It was quite easy to follow along after I'd read it. I'm very eager to find out what happens in the next book, as Farley faces new challenges both from those she's supposed to protect and those who would protect her. 

*Thank you to the publicist for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*


The Scionless House: A Scion Legacy Novella (FREE)


Twelve Houses. Twelve vampire lines. We ruled from the shadows, and manipulated the world, and when humans came too close to destruction, we intervened. 
Every House has a Scion. A fragile, easily broken human that stood shoulder to shoulder with the house Princes and Princesses. 
Except for ours. The Ravens, House Cantelie. 
We've been without a Scion for almost fifteen years. 
But that will change...and her life will be mine to protect.


Nazarea Andrews' Bio:

Nazarea Andrews (N to almost everyone) is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. Which means she writes everything from zombies and dystopia to contemporary love stories. When not writing, she can most often be found driving her kids to practice and burning dinner while she reads, or binging watching TV shows on Netflix. N loves chocolate, wine, and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, spoiled cat and overgrown dog. She is the author of World Without End series, Neverland Found, Edge of the Falls, and The University of Branton Series. Stop by her twitter (@NazareaAndrews) and tell her what fantastic book she should read next.
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