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Review: Assumptions by Melanie Codina

Rating: ★★★★ stars
Date published: November 14th, 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Synopsis: What happens when a girl set on playing by the rules …

Leeann Bradley is a college graduate who has achieved many of her personal goals, all because she follows the rules she’s set for herself. It’s simple. You work hard, enjoy life, surround yourself with friends and family, avoid jumping to conclusions … and oh yeah, don’t date jocks. These rules have worked well and have taken her down the path she wants in life. So what’s a girl to do when temptation, in the form of a sexy college soccer player, is placed right in the middle of that path? Deciding when to break the rules has never been easier for Leeann. But when assumptions are made, and more than just the rules are broken … will she be able to find her way down that path again? And what happens when it’s no longer the path she’s meant to take?
Finds a guy worth breaking them for …
Until now, Jonathan Baxter had one primary focus in his life, soccer. All decisions made, have been based on how it could affect his ability to play soccer. His grades, his choice of college, any type of extracurricular activities, were all carefully assessed. All of it has made playing college soccer possible. But when an injury sidelines him for the foreseeable future, and jeopardizes his dreams, he has to work even harder than before. Rehabilitating his injury becomes his primary objective. Until he meets Leeann, a physical therapy assistant whose touch has the ability to make him lose focus. She has him thinking there could be more in his life—in his future—than just soccer. So what’s Jonathan to do when Leeann assumes he’s just like every other jock out there? He has to prove her assumptions wrong.
What I Thought:

I really liked the premise of the book and was hoping to enjoy the book as much, and I did.  I have  soft spot for soccer players, bad boys, and good girls, but not necessarily in that order.  I was surprised because the story wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but something sweeter.

Leeann likes to be called "Lee" and she's happy and comfortable with who she is.  She loves her job, her friends, her mom, and doesn't really trust guys.  I liked her attitude when it came to life.  She was serious, but joyous and fun at the same time.  I liked how Jonathon was confident but not the bad boy I was expecting.  He was more of a man who knew he wanted something more substantial than a one night stand. The two of them together were very sweet.  I liked how their courtship was slow and so cute.  Ella was adorable.  I loved how involved Leeann's friends and Jonathon's family were in their relationship.

I was a little taken aback by the lack of drama and then the sudden introduction of it at the end.  It felt like everything was so great until all of a sudden it wasn't.  I am looking forward to perhaps Mari and Robby's story.  I do hope they have a future together.  Either way, Melanie Codina is one author to watch out for.



Melanie is an amazing mother of four, an awesome and tolerant wife to one, and nurse to many. If you don't believe her, just ask anyone in her family, they know what to say. She is also a devoted chauffeur, the keeper of missing socks, a genius according to a seven year old, the coolest soccer uniform coordinator according to a thirteen year old, and the best damn mac-n-cheese-with-cut-up-hot-dog maker in the whole world. Well that last title isn't really official, but it's still pretty cool to be called it.

When not being ordered around by any of the kids, you can find her with her nose in a book or on the sideline of a soccer game cheering on one team or another. But that's mostly because she has a thing for the coach. When not doing all of the above, you can find her obsessed with a group of fictional characters all vying for a spot on the page of whatever she's working on. It's a fun and crazy life to lead, but she wouldn't have it any other way.


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*Thank you to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

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