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Author Spotlight: Interview with Meghan Quinn and more!

I'm very happy to spotlight author Meghan Quinn on the blog today.  I was able to ask her some questions in regards to her latest release, The Virgin Romance Novelist, which is a must read for romantic comedy lovers and I think for everyone in general.

Meghan is quite a prolific writer.  She's written and published twelve books in five series and one standalone in about two years.  That's amazing!  Having discovered her books, I've come to love them for the laughs and drama. Since I read her first book last year, I've read seven others. Today's spotlight is on the books and series I've read.

Here's her latest release.


Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch... 

Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave? 

God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch. 

I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience. 

My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups. 

But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected…

To read my review, click here.

Author Interview

1. What inspired you to write this particular story?
This was a book idea I actually came up with within the first few months I started writing but didn’t touch it until now. When I first started writing, I was so damn nervous about writing a sex scene that I thought, if I was this nervous writing a sex scene, how would a virgin feel? The story kind of developed after that.

2. Did you laugh out loud while you were writing it?
Not when I was writing the book because I'm in the zone and just letting things pour out of me but when I was EDITING, oh God, I giggled way too much and thought to myself, "where the hell did that come from?" Some of the thoughts running through my mind at the time of writing was quite disturbing. 

3. What was the name of the last 5 star book you read?I feel like I'm flipping through my "Kindle Rolodex" right now, trying to figure out what the hell I've read. There are so many good ones. Recently, J.B. Salsbury's fighting series, Alessandra Torre's Sex Love Repeat and Ryan Ringbloom's Sex Blogs, Reality. All fantastic!

4. What do you do to get yourself in the writing mood?Music. I have a playlist for each book and I will listen to it on repeat until I want to rip my ears off. It gets to the point that I associate each song with a book I'm writing that when a particular song comes on the radio, I break out in a sweat because I don't have my computer in front of me to write. 

5. What's your favorite junk food?
Donuts and Peanut Butter!!!! Oh my lord, I could use a donut right now! 

6. How long does it take on average for you to write a book?
About a month and a half, depending on my schedule. I still have a full-time job so I have to find time after work to write, it can be difficult at times. It took my three weeks to write The Virgin Romance Novelist. I've been sitting on that one for awhile. 

7. What WIPs  (works in progress) do you have?
I actually have two books complete and waiting to release which I can't wait for all of you to read. I am currently working on Kace's story (for you Jett Girl fans, yes, Kace will get a story) and I'm also working on a special proposal with my agent which I'm very excited about!

8. Anything you'd like readers to know?
 I couldn't do what I do without all of your support, so thank you. I hope that if anything, I am entertaining and can help you escape reality for a few seconds whether it be from my books, from my embarrassing videos or my weird as hell questions on Facebook. Thank you for giving this old bag of bones a chance!

9. Are any of the scenes in this book based on events in real life?
Yup, a few. Probably the most embarrassing one is when she hangs out with the Alpha male in the book. If you read The Virgin Romance Novelist, you will know what I'm talking about. Yikes!!!

10. Which character in this novel do you relate to most, and why? Rosie for sure. Her thoughts, her actions, the way she speaks at times, they were so beyond familiar that it was frightening when I was re-reading. 

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Love and Sports series

Another series of hers I loved which is now complete is the Love and Sports series about football players and the women they fall in love with.  it's really hot but there's a lot of drama done right!

There are three books in the series.  You can click on the cover to read my review of each book.

Fair Catch
Book 1 



Training, playing ball and studying is Lexi’s life and it never seems to bother her until her friend, Parker Hill, points out to her that sweat pants on a Friday night while watching sappy romance movies isn’t really living up her last year in college. Lexi didn’t see the need to party since she didn’t know what the hell she was doing with her life after college but her friends wouldn’t take no for an answer. Little did she know going to the first party of the season was going to flip her world upside down. 

Jake Taylor, starting quarterback for Cal U and campus heart throb spent his entire college career, partying, getting drunk and winning football games but it is all finally catching up to him. He is ready to throw in the towel of his partying days when he decides to have one more last fling. That is when he runs into the one person that could turn his life inside out.

Lexi wants nothing to do with Jake and his partying ways but after one bet gone wrong , she finds herself on a date with the annoyingly obnoxious, egotistical heart throb. Even though she wants nothing to do with him, she finds herself gravitating toward him and giving into his charm. They fall hard and fast for each other as they find love, comfort and a home. They live in their own littler world where nothing matters besides the love they share for each other. 

But love isn’t enough for Lexi when she is trying to find her way after college. She slowly sinks into Jake’s shadow and finds herself clawing out of the Jake sized hole she buried herself in so she can find who she is, who she wants to be and what her future holds for her.

Fair Catch is a true love story that goes through the trials and tribulations of Jake and Lexi’s insecurities, jealousies, short comings and strong personalities. Love is one hell of a strong bond but sometimes, it’s not strong enough. Follow Jake and Lexi as they try to hold on to the love they share while they try to find themselves and find out what life is after graduation.

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Double Coverage 
Book 2



Unfortunate inconvenience, that is the way Piper describes her encounter with Mason Dashel. From the minute the alpha male interrupts her morning after hangover on the airplane, she can’t stand to be near the egotistical maniac with a booming voice and annoying sex appeal. But to her misfortune she finds herself not only having to spend time with him at their best friends’ wedding but she also can’t seem to shake the infuriating man in her everyday life. 

Psychotic Una-bomber with the constant mensies is the way Mason describes his flying companion, Piper Shores. After a horrific break up with his now ex, Brooke, he finds himself being engulfed by the temperamental red head that just so happens to be the maid of honor to one of his best friends, Lexi. Even though she grates on his every nerve, he can’t help but want a piece of her. 

The two are like oil and water, a science experiment ready to explode any second but they can’t help but be drawn to each other. The only problem is… there are other people they are involved with who not only prevent Mason and Piper from being together, but interrupt any chance they have at making a relationship work.

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Three and Out
Book 3



Piper was dead to him. The minute she walked out the door on Mason, he was done. D.O.N.E. Now, three months later, he’s still trying to act like he doesn’t care. Like his heart hasn’t been torn into shreds and obliterated beyond recognition. But it’s not working. He’s broken and beyond repair. Then Piper goes missing. Mason tries to show the world he doesn’t care, but his world is flipped upside down. A vulnerable Mason finds help in an unexpected place and it’s an offer he can’t refuse. The knot that has been gripping Mason’s heart slowly starts to unravel and he’s starting to look into his future… Three and Out runs through the lives of Mason and his friends while they struggle to find love and keep it in their hectic, crazy, drama twisted lives. Not everyone is meant to be and not everyone who you think should be together, will end up together in the final installment of the Love and Sports series.   

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Hot-Lanta Series

This series is about baseball players in the city of Atlanta.  There are plenty of laughs and this series reads like an addictive soap opera set in the sports world.

There are three book in this series so far.  You can click on the cover to be taken to my review of the book.

Caught Looking
Book 1



Things are starting to heat up in Atlanta, or at least in Jane’s celibate life of two years. On the two year anniversary of her nasty split between her and her ex, Jane’s friends, Molly – class “A” filthy mouth – and Albert – flamboyant dresser extraordinaire – decide it’s high time Jane drops the conservative persona, let loose and start to have some fun once again. 

Brady Matthews, Atlanta Braves first baseman and well known through the media as Atlanta’s gigolo, thought he was just taking his new teammate, Michael Banks, out on the town. Little did he know Michael’s friend from college, Jane, was going to show up at their table and turn his world upside down. 

When Brady meets Jane, he is instantly attracted to Jane’s innocence and inner sex kitten but the last thing she wants is to be thrown into another relationship with such a publicly known man-whore especially after her heart was broken so devastatingly. Brady makes it his mission to win Jane over and make her see him as the man he actually is, not the way the media perceives him. But it is not that simple. Wedding plans, spring training, ex’s, old college friends, the paparazzi and gossip magazines seem to keep getting in the way of Brady’s goal to earn Jane’s heart. 

Caught Looking goes through the love lives of Jane, Brady and their group of friends fighting the hardships of cheating, trusting, losing love and trying to find it once again. In one of America’s hottest cities, the gang heats up the sheets while their lives entangle together causing heartache, suffering through loss and finding love….hopefully.

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Playing the Field
Book 2



The gang is back and this time there is a wedding to celebrate, except that is the last thing on Molly Meyers’ mind. After losing her fiancé, Luke, two years ago, the last thing on her mind is helping her best friend, Jane Bradley, plan her wedding and celebrate the annoyingly, obnoxious, lovey-dovey relationship Jane has with Braves first baseman, Brady Matthews. 

Austin Lee, rookie outfielder for the Braves finds himself in the middle of a blonde tornado known as Molly. When her fiancé died, he gave her space and time to heal but always admired her from a far. Never in a million years did he think he would be bedding his dream girl and planning a future with her starring as his leading lady. 

Patty O’Neil, abuse victim and Jane’s friend, finds herself struggling to let any man back in her life. Marc Sullivan, Braves catcher and Brady’s best friend, wants to be that man in Patty’s life but is finding it awfully difficult to crack the wall Patty built around herself. Patty wants Marc as a friend but Marc wants more. 

Lucy Reynolds, Austin’s best friend and Molly’s worst enemy never thought she would find the love of her life while sitting in a café, eating Greek food and reading her Kindle but she did. Connor Cartwright luckily came into her life and she couldn't be happier. The only problem is…he is Luke’s brother, something Molly can’t seem to accept. 

"Playing the Field" goes through the lives of the Hot-Lanta gang as they tangle a drama filled web together, screwing each other, lying to one another, and sabotaging each other’s lives. Follow their story as once again the drama unfolds, feelings are hurt, slaps are thrown and Hot-Mess Molly tries to make everyone just as unhappy and miserable as she is.

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Warning Track 



Life is never as it seems and for Molly Meyers, life has been one hell of a roller coaster the past couple of years. When she thinks she finally has a handle on where her future is taking her, she gets a visit from her past which throws her entire life plan up in the air.
The question is can Molly handle the ups and downs this past relationship will bring her? Or does she need to keep the past where it belongs and not only try to save herself, but save her baby girl as well?
The gang is back and this time, no one is left untouched. Pain, confusion, frustration and disappointment are spread through the group as new and exciting adventures are welcomed and unexpected events occur. Catch up with the characters and their lives in Warning Track as the drama continues in the third installment of the Hot-Lanta series.

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Addiction Series

Meghan has written two books around two band on tour with each other.  It's oh so sexy and so hard to put down!  The second book take up where the first left off but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. You can click on the cover of Toxic to read my review.

Book 1



“You’re an addiction I can’t overcome, no matter how hard I try.” – Rook Tyler

His life consists of his best friend, Jack Daniels, his favorite drug of choice and women. Rook Tyler lives for performing at night and wasting the rest of his days washing away the pain from his childhood so he doesn’t have to feel anything...ever. The only people he trusts are his band mates from Shattered Souls and he wants to keep it that way. His life was completely under control and simple until he heard the voice of Maisy Madison filter through The Tavern speakers. 

Growing up in the foster care system with her two other band mates from Twisted Perfection, Maisy finds herself doing pretty much anything to get her and her band noticed but nothing seems to be working. One lucky night, Shattered Souls, the most popular band in the country, decides to show up at their little concert and luckily signs them on the spot. But the arena venues and massive amount of fans isn’t what has Maisy shaking in her heels. It’s the deep baritone voice of Rook Tyler that has haunted her dreams for years which has her wondering if she can actually go through with the tour. 

The force is almost too strong. He can feel her everywhere he goes and no matter how much he tries to resist her, he finds himself gravitating towards Maisy, wanting to hold her, kiss her and touch her. He knows he shouldn’t get involved. He knows no matter what, he will end up hurting her but he can’t help it, his soul is connected to hers and the pull is too strong for him to resist. 
Rook warned her time and time again but she doesn’t listen, she doesn’t want to listen. She needs him and she doesn’t care that she knows deep down in her heart that their relationship is going to end in disaster.She refuses to acknowledge that no matter what they do, their love is toxic.

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Book 2



The moment you think everything is perfect in your life, it can all come tumbling down on top of you.

Shattered Souls hasn’t seen each other in months. Deception and ghosts from the past have torn them apart, leading them their separate ways. When they realize they need to solve their differences and get back together for the sake of the band, they can’t find their lead singer, Rook Tyler, who’s been missing for months
Twisted Perfection is just coming off the high of yet another tour but this time, they weren’t riding the coat tails of Shattered Souls. Even though they’ve become more popular, all of the success from the last tour means nothing to Maisy as she continues to struggle daily from the loss of Rook.

Fame finds both of the bands but sometimes, it can be lonely at the top. Both bands realize if they want to succeed, they have to drop their differences and join together, but it’s never that easy. Lovers, drugs, people’s pasts and death get in the way, while they try to travel down the bumpy road toward fame.

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For more information on the other books Meghan has written, please visit her Amazon author page or Goodreads page.

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