Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Current Obsession: Veronica Mars...

Season 3 DVD cover
Or how I'm correcting a 10 year-old mistake.

I'm horrible at watching shows on TV.  I'll watch one season and then when it finally comes back, I don't watch the second season usually because I never knew it was on again. Or I never watch a show at all.

When Veronica Mars first aired in 2004 I was in my second year of college and oblivious to the fact it was even on air.  I can recall reading about bits and pieces of the show but never really paying any attention.  If I remember correctly, I remember thinking Logan Echolls wasn't very hot.  Yeah...

I also remember reading/hearing about how disappointed all the fans were when the show was cancelled after three seasons in 2007.  After that I didn't think twice about the show.
Fast forward seven years and I come across an article explaining how the Veronica Mars fan base has managed to get the funds together to fund a Veronica Mars movie.  I was shocked!  A little over $7.7 million was raised and lots of kickstarter.com records were broken in the process.  That got me thinking. "There must be something special about this show that has its fan willing to part with their hard earned money?  What is it?  I need to check it out," and so I watched the trailer for the movie and realized if I wanted to be in the know I had to watch the show.

Thus started my search in finding out what I could about the show.  I went to my go to source Wikipedia and started reading.  From there I went to YouTube to see if there were episodes or clips and boy did I find clips!  That first night I stayed up until 2 am just watching different clips and I got lucky when I found out my public library has Seasons 1-3 on DVD.  So in about three weeks I've seen all of Season 1 and 1/3 of Season 2.  Just to show you how into this show I am, I got 4 DVDs on 2/21/14.  I had watched all of them by 3 am on 2/23/14.  I just could not stop watching!  I've lost sleep over this show.  Lots of sleep both watching it and wondering when I can get my hands on the next DVD.  I had to wait almost two weeks to get the DVDs 5 &6 from Season 1 when there was an ice storm and I was stuck at home for a week and the library was closed.  I was not a happy camper. I was checking the library website twice a day to see if the status had changed from 'in transit' to 'held'.

I've also managed to get my brother hooked to the show.  He was hesitant at first especially since this show was originally aired on the UPN and then the CW.  He thought it would be too girly, but I was able to convince him to watch an episode, and get him to change his mind.  So when the movie comes out in  18 days on 3/14/14, you know I'm going to be sitting in the theater watching it.  Until then, I am going to devour the remaining 10 DVDs and enjoy the crazy ride that is Veronica Mars.

Oh and you know how I said I thought Logan Echolls wasn't hot, well I take that back.  Logan is hot and perfect for Veronica.  I am totally Team Logan.  I'd wear the short of I had it.  Perhaps I should make one, but that might seem a bit creepy.  It's not like I'm obsessed or anything...

What are you're thoughts on Veronica Mars, the show or movie?  Have you seen the show?  Will you be watching the movie? Are you Team Logan, Team Duncan, or Team Piz? Let me know!

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