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Release Blitz: Excerpt, Review, and Giveaway for Innuendos by V. Kelly

This book is the perfect mixture of chemistry, passion, emotion, and heat! You're going to love this book! I promise you! There's an excerpt for a small taste of the awesomeness you can expect and a fabulous giveaway too!

Title: Innuendos
Series: It Had 2 B U #1
Author: V. Kelly
Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy
 Release Date: January 8, 2016


She wants him to squeeze her melons . . .

He wants her to hold his wood . . .

Max is the sole reason Breezy can’t keep a boyfriend. Every boyfriend she has ever had breaks up with her the moment they meet him. It’s not because of his eight-pack, or his panty shredding smile, no, the reason Breezy remains single is because Max is her best friend and also her roommate.

When Breezy’s new boyfriend dumps her after meeting Max for the first time, Breezy is determined to cure her boyfriend woes by challenging Max to a bet after a night of drunken dancing: she can’t click her mouse, he can’t wrestle his snake, and neither one can say the word sex or they lose. It was a simple game of abstinence, until Max decides to tempt Breezy into a hilarious game of innuendos. Now the only thing harder than Max’s “wood”, is figuring out just where their friendship lies after all bets are off.

One thing’s for certain . . . All’s fair in sex, love, and Innuendos.

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“Did you touch my panties?” she accuses.

“Excuse me?” I ask innocently.

“My panties did you touch them?”

This couldn’t go more perfectly than if she was a dummy and I was a ventriloquist. “I’m still not following. I usually ask permission before fondling undergarments.”

“You’re incorrigible, I’m serious, Max. Did you touch my panties?”

“How were your panties touched?”

“You know exactly how they were touched, because you were the one touching them.”

“It would help if you were a little more specific on how I touched your panties.”

“You shoved them to the side.”

“I did?” It’s so hard not to laugh.

“You shoved them to the side and stuck your penis in between them.”

Now I’m giggling. This is going perfectly. “I think I would remember if I shoved your panties to the side and stuck my penis anywhere.”

Obviously she’s too sleepy to get the hilarity of this conversation because her face is angry red. She stomps back into her room and comes back out with the bright green dildo I left in her drawer.

“See I have your penis in my hands! You stuck it my drawer after shoving my panties to the side.”

Now I’m laughing hysterically.

“What?” she asks angrily. “You have no idea how hot this conversation is, do you?”

Finally, she wakes up. “You just won’t stop will you?”

“Stop what?”

“Trying to win the bet. You’ve gone to the dark side, Max. This bet has made you officially lose it.”

“How so?”

“You’ve resorted to touching my panties.”

I grin. “Well, if I have to resort to something, touching panties is at the top of my list.”

★★★★ 1/2 stars

I think this is one time the cover of a book helped me decide if I wanted to read it. As you can see it's bright and certainly out of the ordinary; it really caught my attention. Once I read the blurb, I knew for sure I was going to read this book! The cover is pure perfection and makes total sense when it comes to the story! My first book by V. Kelly was amazing! I can't believe how funny this book was!

Seriously, this book is laugh out loud, smile like a loon funny. I was reading it at the gym while sweating on the treadmill and was approached by a regular who knows what I like to read and noticed I was chuckling out loud. He asked me if I'd gotten to the "good part" and I had to tell him it was really hard to coordinate my steps and not fall over laughing it was so funny.

Breezy and Max are wonderful together. It's obvious these two best friends have a really deep bind. While initially it wasn't really clear who was into whom, you could tell there was more between them than friendship, all you had to do was listen to them flirt with each other. If they weren't flirting, they were laughing and joking. I loved their inside jokes and banter. The title of this book was perfect, because seriously the innuendos and dialogues were totally on point. Even though the prevalent theme was light and humorous, there were also some deep emotional moments as well. 

One of the things I really loved about this book besides the humor, was the realism. The characters aren't saving themselves for each other. They are living their lives, making mistakes, and having a good time. I loved seeing their friends and how they were with them, the ones they'd seen naked and those they hadn't. The other thing I loved about this book was the heat between Breezy and Max. I don't know about them, but there were times I thought I was going to spontaneously combust!

I'm so excited to find out Innuendos is V. Kelly's second published book and the first in a series. That just lets me know there are more books by her to read and that there are more on the way. If they are anything like this one, I'm going to say they will be unforgettable and unbelievably funny. I can't wait to find out!

*Thank you to the publicist for providing a copy in exchange for an hones review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.*

Author Bio

V. Kelly grew up in Reno, Nevada, but now lives in Watonga, Oklahoma, with her husband and two beautiful kids. Always a writer, it was only a matter of time before the stories in her head escaped and became available for the world to read. She is a lover of frogs, otters, all things green, reading books about compelling relationships, and spending time with her family.

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