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Review: The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester

24568388Rating: ★★★★ stars
Date published: January 17th, 2015
Publisher: self published
Synopsis: There’s a fine line between love and hate, so fine that you don’t know you’ve lost balance until it’s too late. 
I’m not sure exactly when I lost my balance, all I know is that he was to blame. 
Dane Winters. 
The boy who’d spent most of his life hating me for reasons I never understood. 

** ** ** ** ** ** 

It was no secret that I hated her, but only I knew why. 
She was off-limits. 
And then our separate worlds collided with one tragedy. 
It wasn’t her fault, I knew that, but I wanted her to hurt the way I did, and I needed someone to blame. She was an easy target. 
Kennedy Monroe. 
The girl I’d picked on all our lives. 
And the woman I barely tolerated. 
Until the line between love and hate was no longer visible… 

*New Adult Contemporary Romance* 
*Due to mature content this book is not suitable for readers younger than 18* 

What I Thought:

There's something about two people who hate each other but fall in love that I can't help but enjoy reading.  It never gets old.  There's always some reason for animosity that can't stand in the face of passion and love.  It sort of proves the adage that love overcomes all.  In this case it was Dane who hated Kennedy with a passion while Kennedy tolerated it without knowing why he hated her until she couldn't take it anymore.

Dane and Kennedy had amazing chemistry.  It was interesting to see Dane try and fight what he felt for Kennedy.  He wouldn't let her be free and see other people but he couldn't be with her either.  From the beginning, when they were teens I never understood why Dane hated Kennedy so much.  The reason behind their ancestors animosity and even that between their parents wasn't clear.  

Dane could be really cruel and more than once in the book he was.  I literally wanted to reach into the book and smack him on the back of his head.  Luckily for Kennedy, her home girl had her back and often stepped up to the plate for her and did just that.  I understood why Dane was hurt, especially when he viciously lashed out at Kennedy at the end of the book, but I don't agree with what he said and did.  I liked how Kennedy found her back bone and stopped putting up with Dane's nonsense until it seemed she fell into bed with him instead of shutting down his shenanigans.  

The story for the most part flowed really well.  I enjoyed reading it up until almost the end when a twist was revealed that really threw me.  It sort of came out of the blue.  I say that because it was very briefly mentioned at the beginning of the book and then not brought up again until almost the very end. 

I think this book had a lot of potential.  There is no cliffhanger and has a happy ending of sorts, but there many things that were left open ended.  One being the public battles between Dane and Kennedy's fathers.  Another was the situation between Kennedy and her father.  A third was the mystery surrounding the loss that had Kennedy living with her grandparents for a year and a half.  Anyhow, I would love to read more about the items above and see Dane and Kennedy again.  I also think a book about their two best friends would be something I would love to read.  This was my first Tamsyn Bester book, but it won't be my last.

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About the Author
Tamsyn BesterI'm 23 years old & the ultimate Book Brat :) Coffee & Books are my drugs of choice, neither of which will be kicked to the curb any time soon! I go through a book a day & when I'm not reading I'm working on my next novel :)I'm a sucker for New Adult Contemporary Romance with a whole lot of sexy thrown in & my number one rule is I won't read a book unless it has a happy ending! I also have the unhealthiest obsession with the South,and I don't mean my home country of South Africa - I mean cowboys, pick up trucks, sexy as sin Southern accents, cowboy boots and barefoot bluejean nights! One day, I will live in Alabama & I will have my own Indie publishing house - my philosophy is if your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough :)


*Thank you to the author for providing a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them in any manner.* 

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