Sunday, July 27, 2014

Books 'n' Bloggers Swap Reveal

So I'm really behind.  This post should've gone up last week but I didn't have my laptop.  I finally got it back yesterday and can now finally show you the goodies I got from Jennifer who blogs at  I loved talking to Jennifer and the books she sent me are amazing!

I received some awesome monster book mark clips you can see in the upper right corner.

The books:

Wishlist:  This was a little complicated.  I was gifted two books I already had (the Bella Andre titles) so Jennifer graciously sent me Mason by Tijan which was a title I didn't have yet.

The Bella Andre titles are: Come a Little Bit Closer and Always On My Mind

Jennifer loves Nicholas Sparks and I do too.  I haven't read these titles yet, but look forward to doing so soon!  They are: Safe Haven and Dear John.

This swap was amazing.  I look forward to doing it again!

Thanks to the ladies over on for being patient with me as I waited on my books and laptop to arrive.  Make sure you check them out for awesome swaps!


  1. Wow- how awesome that you got so many books (and how sweet of her to make sure one was new to you!). :D

    1. I agree! The swap was great, but Jennifer was amazing! :D



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