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Book Blitz: Excerpt from Break Me by Ashley Christin

 Have you checked out BREAK ME by Ashley Christin? It's on sale right now and if the excerpt is any indication of the rest of the book, you really need to check it out! I know I will be!

Title: Break Me
Author: Ashley Christin
Release Date: April 10, 2015
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Returning back for the spring semester of college, Brealynn and her best friend, Kelsey, are ready to start a new chapter.
After the loss of their mother, Pro BMX rider Colt Taylor and his brother, Parker, hope to rebuild their lives by concentrating on competitions.

One night brings them together.
One night shatters it all.
Can they survive the break?

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As I round the corner, I run right into a solid chest and fall backwards, landing ungracefully on my ass.
How. Freaking. Embarrassing.
“Whoa! Are you okay?” a deep voice drawls.
I’m scared to look up.
“Yeah – I - I’m fine. Sorry,” I stutter to his tan flip-flop feet.
“Crashes happen every day. You should really take a defensive walking course, though,” his voice full of humor rumbles through me and shakes my whole being.
I slowly look him over, sweeping my gaze from his feet up his bare tan legs, to a navy blue towel hung very, very low on his hips. I follow the V-line up where it blends into a firm six pack, and then to the amazing chest I just ran into. He has the most incredible sleeve that snakes up his arm, and wraps around his shoulder and probably continues onto his back like it does his chest, which is lean muscle toned to perfection.
I’m horrified by the time I look at his face, for many reasons. One being, I just ran smack into him and landed on my ass. Two, by the cocky grin that is on his face, he totally just caught me checking him out. Three, I’m staring into the warmest set of
brown eyes I’ve ever seen.
He squats down to my level and offers me his hand. I’m totally distracted by the intricate details of his tattoo, the black and orange combination of artwork that starts at his wrist and travels upward.  Colorful designs, one being a bike chain, stands out as it waves across his forearm.
I want to trace each one with my finger…or tongue. Either one. It doesn’t matter.
Gah! What is going on with me?
I’m drooling over someone I don’t even really know. He clears his throat and redness spreads over my cheeks as I realize his hand has been extended for quite a while. I grasp his hand as he helps me stand. Not releasing his grip, he introduces himself—not that he needed to.
“I’m Colt Taylor.”
I am feeling a little lightheaded, and I don’t know if it is from the fall, his touch, or his stare.
“I-I’m Brealynn. I’m sorry about that, Colt,” I say, a little breathless.
Damn girl, get a hold of yourself!
“Not a problem. I got to meet a beautiful girl.” He flashes a straight white smile that contrasts against his sun-tanned skin. As if in deep thought, he stares at me a minute too long. “Did you enjoy your break?” He tilts his head slightly.
I’m lost in thought again checking out this gorgeous man. Colt’s grin is holding the sexiest pair of dimples in place. His hair is styled into a wet perfect mess of a faux hawk. He should be illegal. I feel a slight tug on my hand and snap back to the conversation.
“I – um – good?”
I really need to pay attention.
I haven’t ever really talked to Colt. There have been glances here and there, but that was the beginning of freshman year. Then, he was gone for over six months … I would have remembered any words with this man.
“You don’t seem so sure. Who put the clouds in those beautiful eyes of yours?” He is currently rubbing circles slowly around my hand. I don’t realize that we have closed our distance to one another until I can feel his breath on my face, his eyes seeing
into my soul.
“Today’s forecast is clear. That’s all you need to know.” I step back with a smile on my face. Where this bout of courage came from, I have no idea. The fact that he notices something is on my mind, means nothing.
I’m serious. It doesn’t.
I’m a shitty liar.
“Well, I love the sunshine, if you ever want to come outside and play.”
“I’ll consider it.”
And I will.
“Please do. I know I will be thinking about you coming…probably when I am lying in my bed at night.” He shrugs and winks while releasing the hold he had on my hand.
“See you around, Brealynn.”
I just stand there dazed as he walks off down the hall. As he lays where? What?

Ashley Christin lives in north Dallas with her long-term boyfriend and their lab, Sadie. When she isn’t in scrubs making cute kids cry, you can find her typing away on her computer while Sadie whines every thirty minutes. Ashley worked as a cosmetologist for several years, but was soon called into nursing and from there, writing.
“If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.” That’s what Ashley says majority of the time. She lives for fun and loves making people laugh.
Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

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