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Blog Tour: Review, and Q & A with the author for Spotlight by Krista Richmond

Krista Richmond

“He’s Hollywood premieres, and I’m small-town newspaper. Where can this possibly go?”

Release Date: 22nd May 2014
Genre: Fiction/ Contemporary Romance
Published by: The Writers Coffee Shop
Available from: AmazonKoboBarnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

As both a fan and a journalist, Lily Richards often wonders what role the media plays in creating the phenomenon that is actor Daniel Brighton. Personally, she prefers to report her favorite celebrity’s latest role rather than his latest dining companion—but she knows others in her profession don’t always agree.

 A chance encounter with Daniel at a press junket gives Lily the opportunity to prove she’s not like other journalists. But Nate Brennan—Daniel’s publicist—isn’t convinced of Lily’s altruistic nature. He’s baffled by his client’s sudden preference for the no-name columnist, and when they are forced to work together, their professional battles soon lead to personal sparks.
As Lily becomes more involved in the world of entertainment media, she must balance what she feels is appropriate celebrity coverage with the personal relationships she now holds dear.
How much is too much when you’re standing near the glare of the Spotlight?

Review ★★★★ stars
When I first read the blurb for this book, I had conflicting initial thoughts.  Both went something like this, "Yay!  Another book featuring a movie star and un-famous person!" and the other was, "Oh yay, another book featuring a famous movie star and non-famous person(sarcastically)." I wasn't sure how Krista was going to be able to keep it fresh, but it turns out I didn't need to worry.

Lily isn't your typical entertainment reporter just as Daniel isn't your typical Hollywood star.  I loved the connection the two had.  It's funny, but I never realized the amount of pressure celebrities must feel from the non famous or familial relationships they have.  How do they know someone isn't using them?  Another aspect of this book that really surprised me was the rating.  I'm used to reading books featuring celebrities that are very uninhibited when it comes to their sex lives.  I kept looking for all the usual stuff but was really thrown for a curve by the heat level in the book.  I was also thrown by whom Lily's love interest really was and then the seemingly fast pace once the romance was established.  

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the book.  Krista being a journalist really brought a sense of realism to the book and made me really connect with her characters.  It was hard to read about how immoral people can be trying to get personal and private information about high profile individuals just because it felt wrong to me.  Now I'm not someone who reads the tabloids, but I am someone who will click on a link if it's on say a news page I'm looking at.  I never realized how truly invasive we've become as a people when it comes to celebrities.

If you're looking for a great book that will give you food for thought while entertaining you, then Spotlight by Krista Richmond is a great read.  I hope Krista will keep writing and I look forward to reading more by her in the future.

I got the chance to ask Krista some questions once I'd finished reading the book and I just realized I forgot to ask her how large her DVD collection was!  I have a feeling it's quite extensive! :)

1)      What inspired you to write this book?
I actually didn’t set out to write a novel when I started Spotlight. I simply wanted to write down some of the crazy experiences I’ve had as both a fan and a journalist. But the more I wrote, the more a story started to take shape. At some point, it became less about me and more about what I wanted to say.

2)      Which actor/actress do you admire most?

Good question! I adore Old Hollywood, so my favorites are definitely from that era. I admire the way Elizabeth Taylor lived her life so passionately. I admire Audrey Hepburn’s desire to make the world a better place. And I admire Katharine Hepburn’s feisty nature and total honesty.

3)      Have you ever met a celebrity? If yes, where and who?

Yes – I’ve been lucky enough to interview a few celebrities, and it’s always an adventure! I’ve talked with a couple of famous chefs, some soap opera stars, musicians and a few actors and actresses.

4)      Since Lily and Nate talk about their favorite movies, what's yours?
I’m with Lily on this one … Roman Holiday is a beautiful film.

5)      Do you prefer watching movies in the theater or the comfort of your home?

Well … there is something to be said for curling up on your couch in your PJs to watch a movie. But I truly love going to the theater. I’m there all the time! I love that feeling of being in the dark, completely surrounded by what’s taking place on the screen.

6)      Do you have girlfriends like Lily's?

Absolutely! Maggie and Colette are – in many ways – based on two of my dear friends. Even though we no longer live in the same state, I still make time to see them as much as I can when visit my hometown.

Author Bio: 

Krista Richmond is a journalist, pop culture enthusiast and a true Southern girl at heart. When she isn’t writing, she’s often in her kitchen, attempting to recreate recipes created by her favorite Food Network personalities, or at her local theater, catching the latest blockbuster (or indie flick).
A graduate of Tennessee Tech University and the University of Tennessee with degrees in communications, she worked in print journalism for several years. Now, she works in marketing in southern Louisiana.

Follow her adventures on Twitter at @KristaRichmond.
Connect with Krista Richmond on: 

Ms. Richmond has a very conservative writing style but overlooking the formality came a great storyline complete with great character development, There were surprising little twists and plot shifts that made this book stand out from all the others.
                                                        -Talk Books To Me
I was really looking forward to reading this book. I don't know why but I really like reading about writers, and part of what I really liked about the book and the writing was how the author made the character of Lily a very ethical writer, and in this day in age when tabloid journalism is so rampant, it was kind of refreshing really Lily's point of view on how covering the entertainment industry should be done. 
                                                     -Home. Love. Books
Lily Richards has the kind of fairytale life that 20 years ago I wished I had. Her work - and a little stalking - has resulted in a friendship with the hottest actor on the planet, but it's his publicist she can't stop thinking about. I'm so glad Richmond took Lily in this direction, because having her fall for the actor would have been too much of a Mary Sue move. Nate is great, and I loved their e-mail exchanges. A lovely debut novel.  -Goodreads (Andrea)

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