Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Review: Rock Rebel (Nothing But Trouble Series#3) by Tara Leigh

Rating: ★★★★
Date published: December 11th, 2018
Publisher: Forever Yours
Synopsis: He's a rock star with a secret; she's a pop princess with a painful past, can their forbidden romance survive, or will their lies destroy them both?

I've earned my bad reputation.

A few years ago, I was New York City's hottest classical music prodigy. But I wanted something else, something more. So I chased my real dream, and now... I'm rock royalty. Dax Hughes, lead guitarist of Nothing but Trouble. But to my family and former Juilliard classmates, I'm an outcast. A misfit. A rebel.

They're not entirely wrong. I don't give a damn what other people think, and I'm all for breaking the rules... except when it comes to our new opening act, Verity Moore.

Rock gods don't tour with pop princesses.

It's not personal. Actually, under that fallen diva reputation, Verity's incredibly talented. And her fiery redheaded personality is... intriguing. But I'm convinced the skeletons in Verity's closet are as scandalous as my own, and when we're not sparring, she has a way of drawing out all those secrets I'm determined to keep hidden.

Yeah. Verity Moore is definitely off-limits . . .
But since when do I give a damn about the rules?

Stephanie's Review

“Choose happy.”

Wow! I really enjoyed Dax & Verity’s story! Tara Leigh brings us the next installation in the Nothing But Trouble series. Rock Rebel can be read as a stand-alone. Rock God, (book #1) is Shane & Delaney’s story. Rock Legend, (book #2) is Landon & Piper’s story. Each story builds up in the Nothing But Trouble series.

Watch me rebel.

I must admit that when I started reading Rock Rebel I was a bit apprehensive with the subject matter and for some it may cause a trigger (no spoilers). With that being said I feel that Tara Leigh did an amazing job tackling a sensitive subject. Bringing out emotion, angst and heartache that accompanies this type of situation and yet it was a story, not a PSA or a finger pointing contest. I don’t know any other way to put it. There are so many other things associated with this topic (again, no spoilers).

For so long, my voice had been silenced. But it had never disappeared.

Verity Moore, disgraced pop princess, has a chance meeting with Dax Hughes. They are both attracted to each other and curiosity sets in. They find themselves connected in the music industry and as a result are thrown together.

The man was a song I didn’t know the chorus to.

Dax Hughes is cautious, sexy, and cocky. But he is also quiet and contemplative. Verity is a woman on a mission. She wants her life back. A reset. But overcoming her past is her biggest challenge.
Verity Moore. Crossover artist and disgraced pop princess – one who didn’t apparently take herself too seriously.

Dax and Verity’s story was beautifully written with just the right amount of everything – angst, emotion, sadness, and twists. Verity’s back story left me haunted. Her honesty, the emotional undertones and the sad recaps of her career – the “feels” were on every page! I love how Dax handled certain situations.

“Tell me something true.”

The story flows at just the right pace. There are many ups and downs and a twist or two that I never saw coming! The love that grows between Dax and Verity is so beautiful and believable. The honesty they share is touching. They have a connection, a push and pull that is palpable. An intimacy that is so hot and sexy! The pages were burning up as they came together intimately.
Tara Leigh’s Nothing But Trouble series gets better with each story! Rock Rebel was everything and more! The buildup was steady and the emotions real. Dax was so amazing! And Verity may be my favorite female in the series. She was broken but overcame to become strong and resilient. We are also treated to appearances by Shane, Delaney, Piper and more! I think Jett will be next! Can’t wait to see who can tame this wild boy!

Anything was possible. Everything was possible.

Thank you to the publisher for granting Stephanie a review copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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