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Cover Reveal: Truth in Watercolors by Kimberly Rose

Look at this gorgeous cover for TRUTH IN WATERCOLORS by Kimberly Rose! Check out the excerpt below and don't forget to add it to your TBR!

Title: Truth in Watercolors (Truth #2)
Author: Kimberly Rose
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: May 2015
Designer by: Amber Shaw at Book Beautiful

Truth, I hide.
Truth, you seek.
Truth, I confess.
Truth, you leave.

She never meant to let anyone in, least of all him. Now that she has, she is forever changed. Capri sees her life one way. Dull.  She’s learned to dim and fade into the world around her. Until the day she agreed to more time with him.

Shrouding himself in a carefully constructed shield of humor and vibrant charm, Wes has effectively kept everyone out for most of his life. He’s successfully hidden the truth about who he really is, but then she agreed to more time with him.

Lines become crossed and reconstructed. Secrets are revealed, and infatuation is born. Will their connection be enough to paint themselves new, or will the truths of their lives be too stained to overcome.


“What are you doing?” I asked him, embarrassingly close to a pant.

“I’m giving you your first tattoo.” He smirked up at me. “If you're down?”

“Yes.” I immediately replied. So, way, way down.

Wes laughed easily. “Okay. Hold still.” My eyes followed the dip of two of his fingers into the rich texture of the paint. The drag of the liquid clinging to his fingers when he pulled them out kept him connected to the pigment.

“You’re using your fingers?” I squeaked.

Wes gulped heavily and nodded his answer.

I looked up towards the ceiling of the gym focusing on the inhale and exhale of my breath. The nerves within me flickered irregularly and buzzed with the lights above me. I tugged my eyes closed, too overwhelmed to see.

Cold fingers met my bare hip bringing an instant stillness to my breath. They smeared in soft delicate circles across my waist gently kneading into my skin. My whole body tightened grasping onto itself.

“I’ll never forget,” The rumble of Wes’ voice brought me back. “That day you came in from painting out in the rain.” He looked at me from under his thick lashes. He took his fingers from my skin to dip them into another can of paint. I missed his touch immediately. “Do you remember that?”

“Yeah.” I whispered, shocked that he did too. I’ve never forgotten that night, and I imagine I never will...

After the ceremony I sat in my room at my easel attempting to release my revulsion of life’s cruelty. Only, the amount of water I kept adding to the paint wasn’t enough. The pigment didn’t bleed with the same ruthlessness it did within me. When the thunder sounded from outside my window, I’d grabbed my easel, brush, and paints, and fled to the back yard to drown in the freak thunderstorm.

“I needed more water.”

Wes’ cool touch melted into my warm skin again. My breath shuttered and the sensitivity of the place he grazed just inside my hipbone. “You were so beautiful that night.” His fingers moved in a patting rhythm back towards my side. “Your shirt was so soaked it clung to you. Especially this spot right here.” His fingers were replaced with his entire hand in one smooth motion. With my hip cradled in his hand, his fingers curled into me. I instinctively arched into his touch.

“I was a mess.” I breathed out in between obvious panting. So freakin’ obvious.

“You were so fuckin’ sexy. With paint smeared up here.” Wes touched me under my shoulder and ran a thick bead of paint up my shoulder blade to the base of my neck. My head fell to the side allowing his caress.

“And your hair was stuck across your face.” Wes hand moved up my neck until my jaw was cradled in it. I turned my head to look into his eyes. I saw the heat in them fall beneath his eyelids when they closed.

“You wanted me?” I whispered.

“Fuck, I’ve always wanted you Capri.” With his confession my eyes closed tightly, relishing his words.

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Title: Truth in Wildflowers (Truth #1)
Author: Kimberly Rose
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: October 2014
Amazon | BN | Kobo | iTunes

Truth, love finds you.
Truth, love leads you.
Truth, love heals you.
Truth, love breaks you.

For college student Kensie, finding love hasn’t been easy. With a father she’s estranged from she finds it difficult to trust men, and with a past she’s ashamed of she is unable to trust herself. Kensie feels irrevocably stagnant with an unending desire to move. That is, until she meets August, and her life is set into motion.

After a tragic accident, August gave up on living. A captive to his guilt, he is unable to move on from his past. Then he finds a reason in Kensie. She awakes every dormant fiber of his being, but will she want him once she discovers he is everything she fears most?

Can Kensie let herself love August, or will the truth destroy her?

About the Author:

Kimberly Rose is a wife, mom, and writer. She found her love of writing in her teens pouring out an angst-ridden heart into journals. Kimberly self published her first book, Truth in Wildflowers, in 2014. She currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband and daughter.

Kimberly loves connecting with other authors, readers, and bloggers. You can find her at, or a Starbucks.

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