Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cover Reveal: Down The Shore by T. Torrest

We are VERY excited to be able to share this cover with you today! I'm a HUGE fans of T. Torrest and the cover reveal today means we're all one step closer to reading Down the Shore! If you haven't read T. Torrest's Remember When trilogy, you have no idea what you're missing out on.  The box set is available for only $9.99 and it's so worth it!  I know this series will be one of my top series this year. Seriously, I have no words to describe how amazing it is.                                    

DTS-for-web FINAL
Down the Shore by T. Torrest New Adult Romantic Comedy To be self-published in Summer 2014 Cover designed by Hang Le @ By Hang Le
LIVIA CHADWICK is a photographer by day and a self-proclaimed rock slut by night.
Her dating life is a lackluster parade of evasive jerks and her boss is an unrelenting nightmare of a human being.
What else can a girl do but rent a beach house with her girlfriends and blow off a little steam every weekend?
But hey, she’s from Jersey. Barhopping down the shore all season is sort of mandatory.
All is going according to plan… until she meets Jack.

JACK TANNER is a contractor-turned-musician in a small-town cover band suddenly thrust into the limelight.
He’s already had enough of the rock-and-roll lifestyle, and groupies have never been his thing.
Then again… there’s a gorgeous brunette in the audience tonight, checking him out with the most incredible green eyes he’s ever seen.

She's looking for a fling.
He's looking for forever.

It’s gonna be one helluva summer.

Set in the summer of 1995, DOWN THE SHORE takes the reader on a tour through some of the Jersey shore’s hottest hot spots over one, sleepless, flannel-clad summer.
It’s a look back to a time when the music was groundbreaking, the rock clubs were king, and bar bands ruled the world.

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